The path of inititation is the spiral home. The divine “ohm” then, is what is implied by the English word “home”. Home is the LOVE we all came from and the LOVE to which we will return. This passion is profound in its awe-inspiring depth.

While we may recognise ourselves as physical beings, we are in fact more like spirals of energy—soloists whose personal melodies harmonise with the deeper chorus of the universe. As we evolve, we begin to see ourselves as more sympathetic and these “quantum jumps” align us with those around us and eventually with all life. The best way to graphically describe this is by using squares and circles. Evolution is indeed the way that creation unfolds itself! Here is how The Eye of Maat connects life everywhere:

The sides of the four triangles are then:

A = √1/Φ , B = 1, C = √Φ and D = Φ

This sacred spiral is based on a series of adjacent triangles—the sides of which are the radii of the squared circles. As the spiral turns, it hits the circumference of these adjacent circles. This spiral may be described as the “umbilical cord” of life everywhere and is symbolic of an evolutionary movement through a series of harmonic awareness levels. This spiral connects your energy field with the Earth, the Sun, Sirius and so on.

The Eye of Horus:

Looking below you can see the geometry that this eye is based on. Specifically, it shows how the Egyptians divided one by the first six powers of two. So squares and rectangles also inform this eye. Can you see the implied spiral below as it curves within?

The Eye of Maat is also a vesica piscis, a central eye created from the conjunction of the circumferences of two identical circles. If the width of the central eye is 1 below, then the height is √3. The distances between the eye’s widest to highest points are also 1, creating two mirrored equilateral triangles. As we saw
here, the patterns of these circles really form hearts—the symbols of love.

To ancient Egyptians it was the HEART that was the seat of emotion, intelligence and will. Even today neurocardiology can demonstrate that the heart is a sensory organ and the center of our consciousness—the nervous system within the heart allows it to learn, remember and make decisions independent of the brain’s cerebral cortex. In fact, signals that the brain receives from the heart help us with perception and emotional understanding. So a loving heart’s rhythmic resonance entrains brain patterns, blood pressure and respiration. With sustained positive emotions our health is therefore improved. Here are some ancient heart amulets:

The heart is also the key to the afterlife and gives evidence for or against its possessor. When someone dies, their heart is examined by Anubis (plus Thoth and Ammit) at the “Weighing of the Heart” ceremony. If the initiate’s heart is lighter than a feather (truth) then the aspirant moves into deeper levels of awareness.

Osiris sits in judgement at far right with Isis and Nephthys. If the inititate (in white) is worthy then they are invited to spend eternity with him. It is through the heart that Maat speaks and this wisdom must be recognised by the personality. When we speak from the heart our deepest truth is conveyed. Science describes a happy heart as having “psychophysiological coherence”. During this mode, heart rhythms look like a sine wave and the heart’s electromagnetic field becomes more harmonic. This means there is a reduction in mental chatter and stress and consequently more emotional balance and intuition. As our awareness deepens we come to TRULY KNOW for the first time.

The Eye of Maat is the spiral of the heavens within—the ring of truth!