The Sun God

In these uncertain times, nothing is more convenient than exploring the mysteries online.

In Egypt the forces of entropy are strong—it is hard to get anything done and there is much adversity to face. It seems to be embedded in the morphic field of the Sahara. But at the same time, the powers of syntropy are also vigorous from the Nile. If you recognise these opposites within yourself then consider this…

The battle to simply BE makes us stronger. While I very much appreciate the convenience of a western life, I can see where having too much ease and comfort can make us soft and sad. While the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is unknown, the World Bank estimates that an additional 150 million people will fall into extreme poverty by the end of 2021. Think about that while sipping your salted caramel mocha!

It really is true that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and if you are facing challenges in your life, as odd as this sounds, be GRATEFUL for it. We think we want nothing but green lights, but that isn’t what leads to a happy, healthy life—it is the overcoming of adversity that awakens our true potential.

The most powerful lessons in life are often found in the depths of suffering. The profound and the profane are mysterious lovers that often bear unexpected offspring. So don’t avoid the darkness; we must name and accept our demons in order to be whole. This is why we dream at night—it gives our psyche a chance to resolve our conscious and subconscious minds.

Why are symbols so important? Because if you truly understand the geometry, the rest is automatic—your psyche has no choice but to be transformed. If you are frustrated by a figure however, then you don’t fully understand it—yet. Our Egyptian ancestors knew this because their hieroglyphics conveyed archetypical ideas that reached far beyond the intellect and into the realms of the spirit.

So the sacred geometry that inspires eternal life is really an archetype that exists within the hyperspatial fields of aligned Suns. When we work with this geometry and allow our hearts to call it forth, the signs bestow their power. Indeed, kings have always used magical symbols to inspire them—with the goal being enlightenment.

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