Sceptre & scroll

Thoth is often seen writing upon a scroll:


But what does it mean? What does a god want with a roll of papyrus? Does it mean that Thoth is merely a scribe? Well, perhaps we could say that he’s a type of scribe. The scroll is really a symbol of something much more profound: the Akashic Records. These records often resemble a curved piece of paper or a Fibonacci spiral. Papyrus of course is a sacred river plant: it grows in wetlands along the Nile. Thoth writes upon the leaves of the sacred tree below:


Akashic” is an eastern term which refers to the planetary TREE where all thought, feeling and action are stored as knowledge within the subtle etheric fields of the planet. The Akashic leaves (seen above) have a high resonance with humanity turning in the spirals. The electromagnetic and gravitational force fields of the planet are the media upon which these energy spirals are able to record information.


Across history, initiates have been able to attune to the Akashic Records. In fact, the human heart/mind complex is rather like a radio which can be “tuned” to an etheric frequency. Unfortunately, while the information received in this manner is pure, it is also difficult to comprehend when it is transcribed into today’s languages. This is because in our current reality we communicate a poor understanding of the omnipotence we call God. Fortunately, Thoth and Seshat can provide codes and pictograms that help to translate this divine wisdom.

Yet there is another, even greater realm of the Akashic, which Thoth describes as the Supra-Akashic. It contains the harmonic musical language of the angels, archangels and creator lords of the universe. Only master souls on Earth can interact with its high level hologramic thought-form information.

Tree of Life

After this introduction to the Akashic Records we can explore the Records of Thoth. These repositories of knowledge are like flagging files on a computer for a particular operation. These files form a new database of sorts. In both the ancient and recent past, there have been source translations of the works in his repository. To be sure, Thoth’s endeavours remain on the spiritual plane and we must pass his gateway before we proceed.

From among the many master repositories, Thoth’s are unique in regard to the manner in which they were originally formed and then how they were structured. It is for this reason that the archetype of Thoth is known as the Scribe of the Gods and the Guardian of the Akashic. Indeed, it is the nature of Thoth’s place in the higher planetary hierarchy that creates the uniqueness of his presence as a master being, an archetype and a Keeper of Records. So Thoth is really a teacher who provides waypoints for souls on their way to enlightenment: his special knowledge is the secret wavelength that initiates may use on the spiralled path home.


Thoth is often seen with a sceptre and a scroll. These two items GO TOGETHER and their meaning is profound. If you missed it, you can read about the origins and meaning of the sceptre here.