The king herself

The true concept of queenship is vastly different from the one we hold today. While many modern rulers ensure their bloodline maintains the throne, the expression “divine right of kings” is really a misnomer. It is actually the divine right of queens.

A true description of a ruler is an enlightened woman who embodies all of creation’s gifts. Because she is divinely aligned, she can make contributions across all realms of endeavour. These include the arcane sciences, art, mathematics, medicine, healing, education and architecture. Indeed, at the highest level these fields are indistinguishable—art and science mix flawlessly.

If you are reading this, chances are you popped out of your mother’s belly at some point. Your mother in turn emerged from her mother’s womb. And so on and so on, right back to the birth of womankind. So the blood that courses through your veins once flowed through the vessels of your earliest ancestors. Therefore it is the FEMALE of our species that carries the blood line. And in ALL higher cultures it is the female who is worshipped and carries royal power, not the male. (Men also contribute their genetic material—but good men are hard to find.)

While the caduceus is now entrenched as a medical symbol, it was not always so. It really represents the power of Maat—truth, balance and order. It is beyond any specific field of endeavour yet symbolises them all.

As mankind fell from the higher light, our understanding became fractured. We carved science into physics, chemistry and biology and cut healing from medicine. To cope with all this, we developed highly theoretical mathematics which included the irrationality of zero.

Only when our understanding improves can we start to unify the fields once again. By glorifying one discipline over another we restrict our growth. Only when science embraces art, and the subtle world meets the material can the alchemic forces renew mankind again.

The Phoenix is rising from the ashes, as it has done countless times already. You embody this transformation.