Do you want to become fully realised?

The truth may astound you because enlightenment has nothing to do with guardian angels, good shepherds or holy ghosts. While we have been turned into little lambs by organised religion, the path to the light actually means stepping into the darkness.

We live in an adolescent culture—we love rising yet fear falling. Christian mythology teaches that heaven should be the goal of a spiritual life. Even the green Earth is seen as a doubtful place where unholy acts are committed. The truth however, is that the dark places of dismay, descent and disaster are no less vital. You must die before being reborn. Rainer Maria Rilke writes:

No matter how deeply I go into myself
My God is dark, and like a webbing made
Of a hundred roots that drink in silence.

The infernal antagonist is the Devil. Otherwise known as Leviathan, Lucifer, Satan or Set, he must be energetically experienced and then absorbed within the human body. The quaint idea of balance is misleadinga better word is “wholeness”.

This means that the fires of hell must be named, tamed and absorbed within the psyche. While this may seem terrifying (and it is) the result is regenesis. Meaning, there is enormous POWER in the darkness which manifests in our survival and reproductive instincts. Death then, just wants to be part of life. In reality, they are attracted to each other like magnets. 

Modern man can’t see God because he doesn’t look low enough—Carl Jung

Ruin then, remains an ACTIVE principle. It is savage, vindictive and ruthless. It desecrates, destroys and pollutes. It manipulates, hides and disguises. We suppress it because it is naturally repellant. It may be many terrifying things, but it is not oblivion. Death is very much alive!

Above: life and death feed upon each other like wolves

The Yin-Yang is therefore a portrait of synthesisthe eternal dance partners of darkness and light. Demons and angels are therefore just opposite aspects of the whole. Humans are one of the few species where integration is possible but this state is rarely achieved. 

Why? Because who wants to be ripped apart by the hounds of hell? Who likes being shown their worst character traits? Who enjoys the isolation, the threats and the terror? Who wants to face the REAL danger of being psychologically torn and lost forever?

Despite this, you WANT integration because you cannot become WHOLE without the darkness. The suppression of it simply leads to more suffering. So you must be brave, weather the storm and try not to capsize. Sadly, you cannot READ this trial into being. You have to DO it. Luckily, there are plenty of teachers willing to guide you down this ghastly path that leads to redemption.

Once the devil is ACCEPTED within you, he bestows his gifts. They include faith, drive and power. You are free. You have no more fear of death because death is a part of you. You are a vessel with real ballast, something capable of weathering any storm. You have more energy because you are no longer trying to deny the worst parts of yourself. You laugh more, sing more and dance more. You meet life on its own terms.

Because darkness is not the only place where the terrors lie. For those who have looked directly at the Sun during a toad ceremony, the perfect geometry and awesome resonance of the light can tear you apart. Like Icarus who flew too high, the incandescence of heaven can burn you just as readily as the fires of hell.

Enlightenment then, is the alchemical marriage of the opposites—the raging passion of creation and destruction. These deeply misunderstood lovers are really a part of each other. When we are finally rendered whole the dove returns with her gifts: