A sanctuary was a haven for lovers.

A long time ago, this meant astronomy and astrology, physiology and psychology, sexuality and spirituality. All initiates had to venture into the darkness on their primordial journey towards enlightenment. Only in the pitch black of a sanctum could anyone come to know the dazzling light of their inner nature:

Egyptian temples were places where the gods lived on Earth. For thousands of years, these sanctuaries celebrated the marriage of the subconscious and superconscious as part of the Great Work. These alchemical forces sustained the gods and allowed them to play their reproductive roles. Ecstatic temple rituals were seen as necessary for the gods to uphold Ma’at, the divine order of the universe.

This blog then, is really an attempt to stoke a fire which in Egypt burned through the rise and fall of dynasties. Happily, the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and the temples of the Nile still preserve this legacy. Most famously, Luxor hints at the Anthropocosm—man as the cosmos. If you read on, this tradition may start to blossom inside you.

The kingdom of heaven is within you
And whosoever shall know himself shall find it.
—Egyptian Proverb

In traditional theology an attempt is made to know God by thought; to describe divinity. In Hermeticism this effort is abandoned and replaced by a union with God directly—enlightenment that comes from the fusion of the profane and profound, cosmos and chaos, male and female. Nowhere is this alchemical marriage better depicted than in Libra by the Dutch artist Johfra Bosschart:

We know very little about the ancient people that gave birth to dynastic Egypt. Were they white, brown or black? Delightful, dangerous or devout? If they enslaved the Jews, one of the smartest races on Earth, how advanced were they? How did the opposing forces of a river and a desert give rise to one of the highest cultures on Earth?

The Nile was always been a fickle mistress. Later dynasties had to deal with feasts and famines even as the desert advanced. Like a mirage, Egypt has always been a mystery. After all, what are we referring to—the Old Kingdom? Egypt under the Nubians? The Persians? The Greeks? Like a shimmering enigma, the secrets of this empire have been steadily receding for thousands of years—the last glimmer was the Temple of Isis at Philae, six centuries after Christ:

Much later, when the bones of Egypt were bleached white by the desert sun, there was still something left behind—their iconography. This informed not just their art and architecture but also their understanding of consciousness itself. Geometry, it turns out, has more profound applications than just the causal realms of science.

I searched for God and found only myself.
I searched for myself and found only God.

While this road can now be accessed by anyone, it used to be the exclusive domain of the elite. No longer! Once you have taken the fertile principles of the universe to heart, then you will come to understand its true nature. But nothing is for nothing—if you want the ultimate truth, you will have to pay the ultimate price.

I am an adventurous traveller, a midnight blogger and a mad foodie. On August 22, 2022 I took this photo of Palenque, México. This amazing temple complex reminded me that enlightenment is not a journey towards the light, rather a voyage into the darkness. This insight happened at Temple XIX which you can access if you’re willing to break a few rules. The atmosphere of this Sun Emergence House is profound.

Western culture is all about doing. Since my time in México however, I have begun to accept that life is actually about being; I’m coming to trust that my presence is the most valuable part of me. Slowly, I am developing the courage to be grateful—in spite of it all. We are all just living fractals in a self-similar universe.

Sacred geometry allows me to access the most profound truths. Long derided as the legacy of prehistoric man, its real benefit is how to live life—a modality based on balance. Because it involves the spiritual interpretation of geometry, it is the least corruptible of all the religious teachings. No surprises then, that the Soul Star can still be seen in places like the Minnesota State Capitol (below) and the Pantheon in Rome.

If we see consciousness as geometrical, we can’t unsee it. Mathematical art, architecture and music have power because the proof is self-evident. The problem with many religions is that their teachings are based on faith. Sacred geometry then, remains the royal path because it doesn’t require belief—salvation becomes the triumph of the truth.

Vi Veri Vniversvm Vivvs Vici.