To KNOW the universe, you must first BE the universe.


If this phrase seems ambitious, it merely hints at the awesome wisdom of the ancient Egyptians. They planned and built on a scale never seen before and this was due to their profound connection with universal life. They also understood the sheer vastness of the cosmos and realised that the speed of light was doomed as a measure—the distances are just too hectic. They needed a way to communicate with the stars and they found it: their solution was so inspired that even today it boggles the mind.

You see, our ancestors used the ENTIRE PLANET as a resonator. They did this because they KNEW that infrasound is the way that the cosmos communicates over unimaginable distances. They also understood that the Earth vibrates at about 7.5 Hz and therefore they used the ionosphere as a giant spherical resonator.

Taking the Earth’s huge wavelength of 40,000 kilometres allowed them to “ride” other, deeper solar resonances out into the cosmos. They did it all using bioacoustic materials like granite and by placing an organic being at the centre of the system: an initiate willing to die and be reborn in order to bring the higher knowledge back to Earth. Today, as children fallen from the higher light, we construct mere toys. Here’s a look at one built in the 1960s:


The Arecibo Observatory is a radio telescope in Puerto Rico. The dish’s circumference is nearly a kilometre and the structure was built within a karst sinkhole. Arecibo remains the largest curved dish on Earth with the largest electromagnetic-wave-gathering capacity. Even so, to ancient Egyptians this observatory would have seemed downside-up. Leaving aside its conceptual shortcomings:

» The scale is tiny «

» The wavelengths this telescope measures are too small «

» The sinkhole under it has more value in contacting interstellar life «

When we consider that Arecibo was the source of data for the SETI@home project and the Phoenix Project we start to appreciate how blind science is without spirituality. As a result one of the challenges civilisation faces today is that we have to reconcile blunders like this with the immutable truths.

But science came closer a decade earlier: in 1952 Schumann postulated that the Earth and ionosphere constituted a wave-guide whose fields oscillate at the same resonant frequency of human brainwaves. In 1962, researchers at the National Bureau of Standards reported the actual detection of these planetary signals: they closely resemble the recordings from human neural oscillations. Recent years have seen investigation by researchers into the possible interconnection between the “Schumann Resonances” of the Earth and human brainwaves from an EEG.

The vital link we didn’t make at the time was that our human nervous system senses the Earth’s ever-changing atmospheric energetic potential. The infrasonic signals associated with interstellar gravity coupling are actually detected by our heart and nervous system. This natural information brings about changes within our energy pathways and even modulates our DNA processes. This creates an intimate connection between our own hearts and the immensity of the universe.

Amazingly, once upon a time we KNEW all this because we could FEEL it. In antiquity we created thousands of infrasonic receivers in places like Giza, Mycenae, Malta, Kerch, Kurgan, Mezek, Kefalonia, Carnac, Stonehenge, Newgrange, Chichen Itza, Tikal, Uxmal, Teotihuacan, Cholula, Xi’an and Easter Island. Most receivers are forgotten but here are some of the different styles:


So these infrasonic structures were designed to resonate with the frequencies of the Earth/Moon system plus the wider solar system. Each location on the Earth’s surface then, detects a portion of the universe—the whole Earth acts as a resonator to the total. In effect the radio waves of ancient galaxies, neighbouring stars and nearby planets rain upon the Earth’s umbrella-like energy belts, altering the intensity and protecting the delicate organic forms.

Slower and ever more powerful rhythms of planetary rotations, starry pulses and galactic tides sweep through us every instant. Our body reverberates with the wind of electromagnetism; every cell listens to the cosmic drum-beats and attunes its spiral DNA structure to the composition.

The universe communicates with itself instantly from the subatomic level to the intergalactic level. When we watch a sunset, the whole cosmos speaks and listens to itself. Our dancing partner (the Moon) intercepts and resonates these messages. The longitudinal near-field resonator of the Earth/Moon symphony detects far-flung changing vibrations and in turn responds back to the universe.

Our solar system (powered by the Sun) creates ever-changing patterns of longitudinal form, retrieving those infrasonic resonances like the telescope collects visible light. In return it also sends out to other star systems its own unique messages. The Milky Way hums with the continual excitement of birthing stars, planets and moons right down to simple life forms like you and me. A web of linked galaxies exchanges instant waves of creative unfoldment and it is these wavelength RATIOS that create balance within the human nervous system.

Infrasonic planet

So we might say that each cosmic body—a planet, a moon or a star—uses its spherical shape as a resonant cavity. Indeed, the very nature of the sphere means that it vibrates over vast spectrums of frequency. If we start by considering the Earth’s circumferential resonance of 7.5 Hz as a baseline we may calculate many higher harmonically-related frequencies. Harmonic waves in a spherical solid set up a periodic distribution within the inner and outer spherical cavities. Here are some of Earth’s near field frequencies:

Radius = 47 Hz

Diameter = 23.5 Hz

Circumference = 7.48 Hz

Geostationary radius = 8.37 Hz

Geostationary circumference = 1.13 Hz

Do the cycles per second above hint at a singing mountain? Do they suggest an ancient HORN placed on the resonant cavity we call Earth? Long betrayed and forgotten by mankind, the pyramid’s silent passageways hark pack to a time when we could feel the natural infrasonic waves of the Earth. In our pre-history we listened to the pulse of the universe and learned to act in harmony with it. Below is a schematic of different mountain shapes and their amplitude-frequency characteristics:


Since a pyramid’s stone is transparent to the operating infrasound wave (which travels 15 times faster through granite than air) the body of the pyramid actively begins to collect acoustic waves from its entire surface. In fact the whole pyramid becomes a signal amplifier with a frequency defined by the resonant chamber within. The horn shape of the pyramid then focuses the collected sound energy on the stone monolith beneath its base.

As modern rationalists however, we downplay this ancient wisdom. Instead we postulate that the pyramid was an “ancient subwoofer” that acted as a “step-down facility” or an “infrasound oscillator”. Did it really allow spacetime priests to cross over and become one with the universe; to instantly feel and communicate with all life? Perhaps we have long ignored the promise of faster-than-light communication because it seemed impossible.  As a result we may dispute that the candidate has been tuned to this galactic infrasonic field with its awesome wavelengths.

If we were believers however, we would know that it is the ratio of these harmonic frequencies that was even more important. Here we get into sacred rhythms, because it is the fundamental harmonics of the Earth and Moon that echo the Sun and planets (see here). Despite our hesitation this does allow the initiate to attune with the melody of the universe. These sound and light patterns flow through all life. We just have to re-member!