The beast below

Anubis can have a disturbing effect on our emotional states.

For Anubis is the beast below, the subwoofer who stalks the frequencies beneath our audible range. Anubis creates feelings of awe and terror that must be mastered before we can pass into deeper realms of awareness. Anubis is portrayed as a jackal because this species communicates via infrasound. Infra is Latin for below and refers to the ultra-low frequency beyond the range of humans: 20 Hz and below. Unfortunately, little can prepare us for the alarming nature of vibration as we drop below audible wavelengths.

For in the low frequencies of deep bass, pure notes result in tonal sensations plus an awareness of pitch. But as the frequency falls below 20 Hz, the sound changes into a feeling of pressure in the eardrums. At even lower frequencies it turns into a sensation of separate puffs. So when exposed to infrasound we stop hearing and start feeling. This is where the hallucinations begin as our energetic bodies align with the terrors of the depths. This domain is for sincere initiates only.

Anubis is the guardian who can balance your heart’s frequency with the spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (read infrasound) range of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. These Schumann Resonances are like ripples that collapse our own wavelengths into the deeper tones. Once you resonate with the Earth you can then align with the universe.

Why is Anubis shown with an ankh at top? Because this device was used to determine the level of infrasound in a temple. In fact, all the neters in the scene above have a secret: they are based on animals that communicate using infrasound. A temple then, is really an infrasonic resonance chamber where a standing wave may be captured.

Ammit “The Eater of Hearts” has a body that is equal parts crocodile, lion and hippopotamus: the three largest man-eaters that use infrasound to communicate. Ammit stood beside the “Lake of Fire” where candidates readied themselves for their initiation. Crocodiles use deep bass and infrasound to woo females and establish male hierarchy. The standard crocodile bellow is audible to human ears but there’s also an infrasonic wave beneath it that carries through the water.

Researchers in bioacoustics have discovered that lions also emit infrasound during mating and territorial displays. All the big cats have this skill and their prey (including humans) can actually feel their roars. Hippos also communicate using infrasound and these waves can travel up to several kilometres through liquids and solids of varying densities. Their limited-visibility habitats are ideally suited to these sonic messages.

So the ancient Egyptian word neter passed down the etymological river via the Coptic netjer, past the Greek netcher and washed ashore as the English nature. We can thank our ancestors for endowing the energetic realm with these animal personalities that still guide us today.

The musical octave consists of seven notes popularised by the tonic sol-fa method: do re, mi, fa, so, la, and ti. These notes correspond to the energy centres of the human chakra system. The balance point is the middle note (fa) which equates to the heart chakra.

The green heart chakra is our fulcrum. It remains the point of balance between deep earth (foundational, material, prime creation) and elevated reality (ethereal, spiritual, metaphysical creativity). The heart is the mixer, the equaliser and the channel through which the material and immaterial must move in order to create. Nothing of substance or natural order comes into being without first passing through the gateway of the heart.

Those who seek enlightenment must understand that the lower chakras of survival, sexuality and power must be balanced with the higher chakras of communication, intuition and spirituality. This balance point is the energetic lotus of the human heart: we cannot “fly” if the wings (read notes) on either side are not sounded properly.

So green is the color of balance. It also refers to growth, renewal and integration. Osiris (The Lord of Love) is the god of transition, resurrection and regeneration. He was classically depicted as a green deity with a pharaoh’s beard, wearing a distinctive crown with ostrich feathers and holding a crook and flail. The colour green then, is a harmonic of the deepest cosmic love in the universe.

As initiates then, we must pass the trial of Anubis and integrate the darkness. We are all selfish and lame in some areas or abusive and controlling in others. By acknowledging these weaknesses, naming them and bringing them into the light we transform them. This is the hero’s journey into the underworld: we must know the darkness within us in order to control it. This makes us truly moral beings and worthy of divinity.

The ancient Egyptians removed all the organs of the deceased during the embalming process except for the heart. This is because this special organ (a musical reference) takes us to the afterlife. So Anubis is the guardian who measures the BALANCE OF OPPOSITES within your soul. If your psyche shows proportion in this way then you may continue on the path to enlightenment.