Creation & evolution

Love is the energy field that is the universe.

It infuses every star, planet and being across all dimensions. This field is sometimes called God, but it actually has no name. You can feel the joy of this divinity within your own heart (enfolded) and witness it with your eyes (unfolded).

Creation and evolution are one and the same thing. The best way to describe this relationship would be to say that “evolution is the way that creation unfolds itself.” The debate surrounding this issue is because most scholars have no awareness of the enfolded (implied) universe and the way it collapses into the unfolded (physical) universe. When you realise that everything has always existed, we are able to resolve this apparent conflict.

When you are one with God, there is no time. There is only “always”. Yet this alwaysness is really animating the causative universe which we perceive as a sequence of events. In the enfolded universe there is no such thing as time, but everything moves IN time in our unfolded universe. Causation then, must be transended because there is no such thing as a “time line” in the enfolded universe.

The above relationship reveals the square (male inverted octrahedron) emerging through the circle (female torus). The Sri Yantra shows a series of these relationships.

The divine is infinite because it is formless. For something to have form, it is therefore limited—it is limited by form. The beauty of the Sri Yantra is therefore what is implied in the diagram: God as infinite formlessness being perfectly reflected in the finite, physical world.

The musical octave isn’t linear—we IMPOSE this understanding upon it to make it easier for our linear consciousness to understand. In actuality the notes are contained WITHIN each other. The square pattern around the outside shows the implied harmonic circles and squares: the 12 semi-tones of the multi-dimensional musical octave.

The Sri Yantra is a diagram based on the numbers 17 and 26. The interior of the triangle pattern is based on 17 smaller triangles plus 26 larger outer ones. There are 26 “lotus petals” around the outside representing enfolded spirit collapsing into unfolded form (the two in the center are implied). These spirit vortexes (17) naturally create the torus (26). On a macro level another way to see the Sri Yantra is below:

This image represents energy emerging into matter—a star. These energy relationships are the same within your own spirit and body.

Also implied is the Flower of Life which appears when we notice that six of the triangle edges point to 12 of the double layered lotus petals. Hidden behind this is Metatron’s Cube which gives us the Platonic solids and the building blocks of our 3D physical world. We also have the double circle around the outside showing the outer layers of the egg membrane.

Remember the Rosicrucians? The name means rosy cross. The rosy cross IS the Sri Yantra. Can you see the outermost pattern which looks like a cross? Every animated being then, has the Sri Yantra within its energy field. Each of us has divinity within.