Here we return to the dodecahedron:

It has 12 faces, 20 vertices and 30 edges. It represents LIFE and is related to the dance of Earth and Venus as discussed here. The Platonic solids are geometrically formed composites which are so arranged to create the base structure of the morphogenetic field. This is a unified field of living energy through which all things in the universe are connected. The field represents the fabric of crystalline blueprints that are woven into the manifestation of our world.

A fractal is a self-similar pattern that can be scaled upwards or downwards. In other words, the size may change but the internal ratios remain the same. The repetitive patterns that are found in the Platonic solids that fit within each other are called fractals. That fractal pattern informs the humble atom—the smallest unit of matter that defines our chemical elements.

Above: the geometry of life

That same atomic structure behind the fractal pattern is what shapes our planets, stars and the wider universe. The inner structure of a fractal is reflected in its outer form. This fractal or “fraction” indicates that it is really a proportion of the all. The fractals of the electromagnetic field harmonise with the morphogenetic field.

All forms of consciousness and matter, including the layers that make up human and planetary bodies, are manifested through these morphogenetic fields. They exist as a quantity of crystalline energy that is composed of specific patterns in arrangements of frequency. The morphogenetic fields are instruction sets that direct the movement of energy in the Scalar Wave to form in certain ways, so that we perceive the holographic reality within the frequency band that our consciousness body is actually stationed within. The instruction sets contain love that relays the quality of this information to our awareness, so that we can perceive that joy directly or translate that information through our sensory ability.

Morphogenetic fields are a layered part of the conscious architecture of the planet, which include the entire DNA and collective energy of humanity’s mental and emotional body. Those collective mental and emotional energies (Da’at) are responsible for what the entire planet manifests as its experiences and mirrors it to the whole. This is the microcosm relationship to the macrocosm—they are one and the same. This reinforces belief systems, ego identities and all cultures existing on the planet today.

Above: the Kabbalistic Tree of Life or the Ankh

The macrocosmic structure of the Universal Tree of Life is replicated within the microcosmic structure of the Personal Tree of Life, as the universe or Musica Universalis which acts as the harmonic structure that organises the chakra system. In other words, the architecture of crystals echo the crystalline patterns of spirit! And gold, being dodecahedral, echoes spirit most closely.

The music of the spheres incorporates the metaphysical principle that mathematical relationships manifest in angles, shapes and patterns. They are connected within a system of proportion. Therefore we may become attuned to see these patterns of movement as energy in action in the multidimensional realities that are represented in our model of truth—the divine hyperspatial power that animates the universe.

People don’t have ideas. Ideas have people.
Carl Jung