Return of the capstone

Leonardo da Vinci’s human canon was inspired by his greatest mentor, the Roman engineer Marcus Vitruvius who lived in the first centruy BC. Vitruvius was inspired by the Greeks who in turn received their knowledge from Egypt. This is Vitruvius’ canon:

This drawing is vital not just because of its mundane geometry, but also its esoteric proportions—in other words, what it implies. What it hides is the knowledge of how to reach Christ consciousness. It really shows the potential of man, or what we can become.

This image uses elegant geometry to show that the size of the Earth and moon come from squaring the circle. (The base angles of this pyramid are also 51 degrees.) Man is sometimes refered to as the “measuring stick of the universe”, however it is this one image which reveals more than just the relationship between the micro and macrocosmos: it shows our true self. If you doubt the above relationships, we encourage you to explore the circumferences of the Earth and Moon.

When we base our consciousness here, we know all and see all: we become Christed. In other words, the capstone of the pyramid returns and we receive our higher faculties by accessing the M point. (The moon is associated with 13 and the subtle power this conveys.) This is Leonardo da Vinci’s canon circa 1487:

Christ consciousness has been achieved by men and women throughout history, many of whom have not lived in the western world. Indeed, high cultures of antiquity have possessed entire priest classes with these faculties. Unless you possess these powers, however, you are not fit to act as a true leader.

The picture below shows Isis feeding Horus. You can see the round orb on her head signifying her godliness. When this culture wanted to show an enlightened individual, they often showed it this way. Thousands of years later, younger religions would refer to it as a halo.

This picture also reveals the Isis/Sun connection or the heart/head. This process of becoming a god is why we are all here. It may take us millennia, through countless incarnations, but in the end we will return home: our consciousness will reflect that of our creator. Life is a school of remembrance. Rediscover the wisdom that is your birthright.