The Throne of Isis speaks to the LAW OF COHERENCE.

This rule states that everything in the universe strives to return to a natural state of balance. Left in an unnatural state of order or chaos, particles of matter will gradually find equilibrium. The pyramid accelerates the rate at which particles of sound and light return to a state of peace. This greater state of coherence accelerates evolution.

Make no mistake about it however, “coherence” does not mean the triumph of either the light or the darkness. Instead it means the union of both, or the silver time between dawn and sunrise when the Earth benefits from both the influences of the Sun and Moon—wholeness. In line with this, the pyramids are energy modulators that remove the signal from the noise using the energy of pink granite.

Echoing this reaction in the human body, tryptamines are monoamine alkaloids. They are also neuromodulators and neurotransmitters. Pyramidal in nature, they are capable of stimulating profound shifts in consciousness. As entheogens they penetrate the blood-brain barrier due to their geometry.

Above: the golden crystals of 5-MeO-DMT

So by understanding the mysteries of the pyramids, we can learn what integration really means. The pyramids were built with the positive intention of tapping the background energy of the cosmos. So at their most profound what do the pyramids really represent? They remain COSMIC COHERENCE CHAMBERS.

The Flower of Life then, is really a representation of the human biofield. Writ large at Giza, the Egyptians were able to build chambers of enormous power. Thousands of years after their construction, these icons remain physical models of peace—stone sentinels of the hyperspatial Morphogenetic Field.