Life, love and light speak to THE LAW OF COHERENCE.

This rule states that everything in the universe strives to return to a natural state of balance. Left in an unnatural state of order or chaos, particles of matter will gradually find equilibrium. The pyramid accelerates the rate at which particles of sound and light return to a state of harmony. This greater state of coherence accelerates evolution.

Make no mistake about it however, “coherence” does not mean the triumph of either the light or the darkness. Instead it means the union of both, or the silver time between dawn and sunrise when the Earth benefits from both the influences of the Sun and Moon. It means integration:

In line with this, the pyramids are energy MODULATORS—they harmonise the energy of sound and light to give birth to “the fifth element”. In physics, two wave sources are coherent if they have a constant phase difference, the same frequency and the same waveform. The pyramids echo this to bring the different wavelengths of time and space into coherence to create a third, profound force.

The pyramids are also energy TRANSMITTERS. The vortex in spacetime that the modulation creates produces explosive power within the King’s Chamber. This quintessential energy can be used to excite the centre of the pyramid to create the heat required to run (in this case) a mercury retort.

Echoing this reaction in the human body, tryptamines are monoamine alkaloids. They are also neuromodulators and neurotransmitters. Pyramidal in nature, they are capable of stimulating profound shifts in consciousness. As entheogens they penetrate the blood-brain barrier due to their geometry. 5-MeO-DMT then, is the heart of alchemical lore that produces pure coherence in the human body.

Above: the golden crystals of the Philosopher’s Stone

So by understanding the mysteries of the pyramids, we can learn what integration really means. The pyramids were built with the positive intention of tapping the background energy of the cosmos. So at their most profound what do the pyramids really represent? They remain COSMIC COHERENCE CHAMBERS.

The Giza complex then, contains three themes: the ankh, the star and the serpent created by the cube, the dodecahedron and the octahedron respectively. In the case of the mercury mineraloid, it takes an octahedral shape when combined with gold or silver to from an amalgam. Each symbol had a profound geometric and artistic meaning for the Egyptians. Giza then, not only embodies astronomy, but also astrology to bring the heavens to life. Here we reminded of the professions of the three magi.

In layman’s terms then, Giza implies the Flower of Life. By selecting three Platonic solids from the stereographic projection of Metatron’s Cube, the Egyptians were able to combine their energies to form chambers of enormous power. Thousands of years after their construction, these icons remain physical models of coherence—silent sentinels of the Morphogenetic Field.