Nephthys was known as The Lady of the Temple:

Unlike the virile Isis, Nephthys was a barren goddess who symbolised entropy. Even in the Pyramid Texts she was an enigmatic presence. Yet despite her ominous nature, she was viewed as a morbid-but-vital force of heavenly rejuvenation. In fact, Nephthys was the opposite of Isis in every respect. Isis symbolised birth, growth and development while (the Black Isis) Nephthys implied death, decay and diminution. The Pyramid Texts of Unis echo this:

You will go up and go down: you will go down with Nephthys, one of the dusk with the Nightboat. You will go up and go down: you will go up with Isis and rise up with the Dayboat.

A solar ship was a mythological representation of a sun riding in a boat. These craft were also called “solar barks” or “sun boats.” In the picture below, we see Osiris riding in one such vessel flanked by Nephthys and Isis.

If Nephthys is a neutron star then she illustrates death perfectly. In scientific terms her core burned to iron long ago, energy production ceased and she collapsed. This squeezed electrons and protons together to form neutrons and neutrinos. As she moved away from the main sequence, subsequent nuclear burning produced an iron-rich core. When all nuclear fuel had been exhausted, her core was supported by degeneracy pressure alone. As a stellar corpse, Nephthys is still positioned at the centre of this system because of her incredible density.

Neutron stars pack their mass inside a 22 kilometer diameter. They are so dense that a single teaspoon would weigh a billion tons. On average, gravity on a neutron star is two billion times stronger than gravity on Earth. The average neutron star also has a powerful magnetic field. Earth’s magnetic field is around one gauss, with the Sun’s being several hundred times this. A neutron star, however, has a trillion-gauss magnetic field.

Above: the formation of Nephthys, the Iron Maiden

In all likelihood Nephthys (Sirius C) is the remnant of a binary neutron, which is the product of two smaller neutron stars. When these collapsed solar bodies meet, their merger can lead to the formation of an even bigger neutron. While they are chasing each other however, their tails describe the shape of a swastika:

Hopefully one day science will find the neutron star that spins at the centre of the Sirius system, currently hidden even from LIGO. In a twist of fate, Nephthys’ perfection was worshipped for thousands of years in the Black Rite and then forgotten. It boggles the mind that our ancestors knew Sirius better than we do!