The divine feminine

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “God has no religion”.

Above: the sunset chapel in Acapulco

Sadly, if your beliefs are based on a male God, male prophets or male priests then you as a worshipper are lost. This is bad news for most Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. You are misled because consciousness is FORMLESS. Life is therefore a FEMININE principle. This is the divine secret of the universe.

If you enter a sacred space that has been designed properly (like Denderah) then the temple is a place where the goddess resides on Earth. As a human being, you can therefore experience the awareness of the goddess within the temple. And guess what? It is exactly the same as YOUR consciousness only VASTER. You can witness your ego as an “it there” while simultaneously being aware of your greater self.

So the formlessness of being the goddess is a feminine principle. True to this, your initiation will likely take place in a limestone temple with female dimensions (the vesica piscis) or within the sacred waters of a cenote, cave or cavern. You will be rebirthed from a womb into consciousness that is as vast as the cosmos itself—this is the divine feminine.