The blue lotus

The lotus is an exquisite plant:

blue lotus flower photo

The ancient Egyptians noticed that at night the lotus closed its flowers and sank into the water and then reappeared with the Sun in the morning. Because this sacred flower follows the same pattern as the Sun, it was associated with death and rebirth. There is however a subtlety to the reflection of this “pattern” that we encourage you to explore by clicking here.

Similar to ecstasy (MDMA), blue lotus causes a state of relaxed inhibition in which users are more talkative, comfortable and aroused. As a natural aphrodisiac, it has a similar effect as Viagra upon the human body. So lotus rituals were all about sex, intimacy and longevity. The most common method of consumption is to brew the flowers into a tea or steep them in alcohol for up to three weeks; the alcohol enhances the effects of the active chemicals.

Sexual stimulation and rebirth are intimately connected because the lotus was associated with the human chakras. The crown chakra is called the Thousand Petalled Lotus and represents enlightenment. The gradual unfolding of the lotus petals in response to the Sun mirrors the awakening of our higher selves to the light.


In yoga, the “classic” meditation position is called padmasana or lotus position. It is said to help keep the back straight for the transmission of energy through the spine and to help reach the highest level of consciousness. This symbolises “reaching for pure knowledge while being rooted in the material world of experience”.

Meditating on the lotus is said to bring peace and stillness into all aspects of our being. The soul is said to live within the heart lotus and therefore the crown chakra cannot be fully open without the heart being fully open, too.

The lotus (Nymphaea canrulea) was combined with the acacia (Acacia nilotica) to provide the mystical experience the ancients were seeking. As companion psychotropics their effect elevated initiates into the realm of the gods.

In the hieroglyphics it is the blue lotus flower is the most commonly portrayed. The Book of the Dead contains spells for “transforming oneself into a lotus” and thus fulfilling the promise of resurrection. Click here to go deeper.