The Merkaba

A cube has equal edges:

The easiest way to derive a tetrahedron from a cube with sides of one is to draw two diagonal lines of √2 across opposite faces at 90° to one another. By joining the tips the resulting tetrahedron has four sides of equilateral triangles:

If we use opposite corners of the same two faces of the square, we can create another tetrahedron in the same way. Viewed from below it looks like this:

These two triangle shapes can be combined to form a star tetrahedron (or one-half the volume of the cube):

As a compound of two regular tetrahedra, the star tetrahedron has edges of √2 and is sometimes referred to as the stella octangula or “eight-pointed star” even though viewing it from above only shows seven points:

Why is this shape significant? Another word for the star tetrahedron is the Merkaba. It harmonizes opposing energy, much like the Yin/Yang symbol. The Star of David is a two-dimensional version of a Merkaba, and was reputed to have been painted on the shields of the armies of King David as a symbol of divine protection. The Merkaba steps down source energy into the physical and is an invocation of the phrase “as above, so below”. Here is a representation surrounding the human body:

Merkabas are believed to be the same divine light vehicle used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. It is thought by many that the “chariots of fire” mentioned in the Bible are these same vehicles. Mer-Ka-Ba is a reference to “Life-Love-Light” denoting the harmonious activation of the three fields. When your Merkaba is active you are locked into the Earth’s living matrix. Your DNA is fully turned on and the potentional for immortality is there. Your body heals itself and you have the potential for limitless creation.

There are actually three star tetrahedral fields superimposed over each other around a human being. One is the life body, one is the love body and the third is the light body. They are rotated by linking them together. When these stars are rotated at very specific speeds and in a certain way, a disk pops out at the base of the spine and a sphere appears. Seen from above you can start to appreciate Ezekiel’s famous vision of the Divine Throne with its “wheels within wheels”:

Your Merkaba is in constant communication with all of Source. It is your creative matrix that allows you to align your soul intention with God. Like a crystal, it can be programmed through meditation and by setting your intention. All that is required is for your Merkaba to be actively spinning, which is done through breathing exercises and habit and by simply instructing your Merkaba as to what you want it to do. You are the only one on Earth who can work with or program your Merkaba.

So the Mer-Ka-Ba is the chakra system or “technicolour dreamcoat” that surrounds the physical body. Once energised it creates a spherical field of about 55 feet in diameter. It was described by Thoth and other enlightened beings throughout history. It remains the vehicle of ascension and the pathway home. The simplest interpretation of the Merkaba is known as the triquerta:

The heart has “love awareness” that is of a different nature than the brain’s “mind consciousness” that is different again from the gut’s “survival instinct”. This profound love knows the questions to all answers and is capable of profound energetic shifts. It is like an enormous jet turbine capable of stupendous, shattering, inter-dimensional transformation. Next to it is a small valve that often tries to regulate it through force. This is the mind.

Ascension involves a process where the human body is translated by an incredible rebirth into another world. It is achieved through a meditation that requires life, love and light to completely integrate in one pattern and transcend the human limitations of this reality.