Harmonic ratios

Can you see M, C and T below?

In human terms, the answers lie in the ratio of your forearm to half your height (CT:MC above). While this relationship may seem strange, on a planetary scale it’s the radius of the Moon (CT) relative to the radius of the Earth (MC). But this spacial 0.2732 ratio also has a temporal aspect: the sidereal month of 27.32 days is the time it takes for the moon to return to the same position among the stars from our perspective. This was indeed the ratio that the ancients used as the basis for a harmonic measuring system which was the result of a POTENTIALITY being MANIFESTED.

What is a harmonic field? It’s an implied, potential field that governs space and time. Its absolute wavelength pattern (2732) is reflected as spacetime relationships: as a spacial ratio (the size of the Moon compared with the Earth) or as a temporal ratio (Earth revolutions compared with lunar orbits).

Where is point M (top) on Earth? The ancient Egyptians placed it on the equator at Lake Victoria. The north flowing Nile hints at the Nilotic Meridian which is one of the dividing lines of Earth’s equal land quadrants. In the ancient land of Khem the headwaters of the Nile were “up” whereas the delta was “down”. So this prime meridian is associated with gold, life giving water but also the chakra system of the human body. The subterranean Nile once had direct alignments with the Milky Way—the spinal fluid of the cosmos.

The Eye of Maat uses the dimensionless quantity MT = 1

ET (or Maat’s forearm) is the harmonic of the Egyptian civil year or 0.3650. But if we insert actual planetary measurements above, ET is also 2,953 km long (SPACE) which is a harmonic of our sydonic month of 29.53 days (TIME). This month is a measure of the Moon’s phases because its appearance depends on the relative positions of the Sun and Earth.

Of course the Earth and Moon actually revolve around each other and this centre of mass is called the barycenter. This balancing point (E above) moves within the Earth as she turns, describing a circle. At over 1,710 kilometres below Earth’s surface or 0.2732 of her radius, this is the orbital point at which the Earth and Moon travel around the Sun.

Squaring the circle is a way of understanding the profound leaps that consciousness makes as it moves up cosmic awareness levels. The human consciousness system is harmonically reflected by the energy signatures of our major solar bodies. We call the conscious process of aligning with greater Apollonian fields of awareness Initiation.


The name Maat is really a sound—the audible mantra (or reflection) of the implied melody that governs our universe. This subspace song is a vibration that births the yantra: the inverted octrahedron emerging from the torus. Time and space are but children of this fundamental creation pattern: in our solar system the ratio of the squares of any two planetary orbits (time) is proportional to their cubed mean distances from the sun (space).

Science looks for causes in a world of effects. In reality, our manifest, physical world (unfolded) is but a shadow of the implied, energetic universe (enfolded) that governs us. The Big Bang Theory is limited because it describes a massive sequence of causes going back to prime cause. But in actuality the implied universe collapses into the manifest universe simultaneously and constantly. The ancients called this “as above, so below.”

So time and space are just the “results” of the implied harmonic that governs everything: if time is a way of measuring the eternal “now” then space measures the size of the “clock face”. Or to put it more lyrically, the whisper of eternity is echoed by time and space. These are the dimensions governed by the phoenix: the neter with arms upraised as a chalice.

The Holy Grail.