The Quintessence

The heart is really a “liquid crystal”.

As hinted at previously, it has a sacred fraction that approaches 0.51 using the centred hexagonal numbers and their star number reflections. In the natural world this ratio is found in the human heart and red granite. Mythologically we called this the Red Lion. As a centred pentagonal number, 51 has a fractal shape:

Spiritually, 51 refers to the Quintessence. This “ether” is born from the Magnum Opus that prompts the sublimation of being. In other words, it symbolises immanence, or the unmanifest spawning the manifest—the blissful union of the esoteric and the exoteric. This climax invites life to be reborn which is reflected in the Ankh:

The figure above is taken from our biology—the Circle of Willis. In the graphic above however, there are 17 stars representing immortality. Looking closer we can see the union of the shen ring and the tau cross. Together, they really signify divinity manifested in the material world or the union of the female and male. In other words, life bursts forth at the moment of orgasm—the exquisite thrust between worlds.

So the Ankh serves as a conduit for the power of life that permeates the universe. It represents the unity of spirit and matter, inviting us to find balance in all things so that we can merge the opposing forces within us like feminine and masculine, passive and active, unconscious and conscious. The Ankh is the key to the use of our breath, which is a powerful process for generating bioplasma.

In biofield tuning, the Ankh is held like an antenna in the left hand which allows the bearer to resonate with the chi flowing through the natural world. Adding a tuning fork in the right allows the shaman to act like a human resonator, thus entraining the biofield of the patient. Once the recipient can hear the tone of their own biofield come into coherence via the sound of the tuning fork, they can create a sympathetic mantra in their own trachea. This signalled that the unconscious was becoming conscious and aligned our bodies with universal polarities:

Tuning is based on the premise that the human biofield is connected with our total consciousness—including our memories. All sexual, emotional and mental disorders can be perceived as “dissonance” in our energy (plasma) fields. Biofield tuning is able to diminish and resolve this discord and in so doing, alleviate or eradicate the corresponding symptoms. Because the Ankh is based on the reversed pentagram it resonates with universal life—a force that even Newton made reference to:

There is a vital agent diffused through everything in the Earth, a mercurial spirit, extremely subtle and supremely volatile.

Deep within our physical, psychological and spiritual genetics the Ankh has remained active with its secrets being unconsciously seeded from one generation to the next—as vital today as it was in ages past. Once upon a time, it was viewed as a healing symbol that royal physicians like Imhotep used to famous effect.

Eternal life represents the vital energy that can penetrate physical matter. For many of us, reaching sublime states involves breathing, mantras and meditation but it’s helpful to know the goal. The enneagram then, is symbolic of illumination because it is made up of pentagrams:

The Quintessence.