Ma’at & Anubis

Maat is the symbol for truth, balance and lightness of spirit.

She is the divine, female energy of truth that flows through us all. In the image above, she arises and connects us with the universe. In the background is Anubis who stands between Nephthys and Isis. He divides the darkness from the light and fibonacci from golden mean spirals.

Anubis is often referred to as The Guardian of the Veil or The Opener of the Way. He determines which higher-dimensional portals people may enter based on their level of spiritual attainment. He also guards the portals for initiates and ensures that no one enters a realm where they have been inadequately prepared for the initiatic test (represented by scales in the tradition). A simpler way to say this is that Anubis guards Earth’s vibrational dimensional gates (our Moon’s great secret). Furthermore, if Maat aligns with you (you are vibrating at the right frequency) then you may pass.

So Anubis, too, governs BALANCE. He therefore represents the hounds that wander the barrier—the horizon or point of separation. In the ancient texts he is often seen ADJUSTING the scales of truth:


Anubis also has excellent hearing and can pick up infrasonic frequencies lost to man with giant ears that act as amplifiers. Born and unborn stars are cosmic eyes and hence ruled by the same geometry. So Anubis is the Jackal-headed neter who can hear both Nephthys and Isis (dark and light).

Jackals also have excellent night vision due to larger pupils, more retina rods and tapetums (mirrors on the back of their eyes). Because of these advantages they have superior visual acuity in low light. The Moon therefore is associated with Anubis because it reflects light at night just like a jackal’s eye.

We are physical beings and ascension uses all our faculties. It is also emotional and spiritual rather than intellectual. You can’t read enlightenment into being: you have to do it. May you continue to find the pathway of truth within yourself.