The sun cross

The pyramids have mystified travellers since they emerged from the jungle:

They are positioned west of Cairo and aligned with true north. Despite their antiquity, there is not a single hieroglyph on any of the structures—implying that they were built before dynastic Egypt. It also suggests that the secrets of these sonic temples were conveyed in their mathematical ratios—the purest language in the universe.

Pictured above is the geometrical design the Giza Necropolis is based on. We can even reproduce it from memory because it looks like a sun cross:

If we revisit the Hermetic phrase “as within, so without” then we are reminded that the shape of a cross on the ground is also a stereographic projection of an element. If we accept that the sun cross implies the iron cross, then the element we wish to investigate is naturally Fe:

The stereographic projection of the alpha iron (α) appears below and we can place the apexes of the three pyramids upon it:

The stereographic projection interprets time as space. So the design of Giza hints at the orbits of the planets, the alpha iron and the path of the Sun. In other words, the pyramids are like a 3D representation of a 4D universe—a sympathetic cosmos animated by pure love.