Colour is one manifestation of vibration.

Colour has a profound effect on our spiritual, emotional and physical states. It is made up of different wavelengths and frequencies. The seven colours of the spectrum (based on the musical octave) all have different wavelengths and frequencies. Purple, at the top end, has a higher frequency and a shorter wavelength. Red has a lower frequency and a longer wavelength.


There are main energy centres (chakras) of the human body which resonate with the seven rainbow colours. Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit; chakras are like spirals of energy. The seven chakras govern the seven ductless glands in the body’s endocrine system. The endocrine glands, in turn, regulate all of the body’s functions including aging.

Each field has its own frequency and green resonates most strongly with the human heart. In a healthy body each of these chakras revolve at the same great speed allowing pranic energy to flow upward through the endocrine system. Your consciousness is beyond any physical presence. Colour therefore is the visual component of vibration, or sound. White is the union of ALL colours.

This is the reason that some priesthoods use white as their most holy colour; they are reflecting the sacred vibration of the divine realms. White is also the colour of the angelic realms, the timespace orders that sustain all higher wisdom.