A cave is a womb in the Earth.

Sacred cave

Since antiquity caves like Melissani (above) have been viewed as sacred places of retreat and renewal often associated with music. While a cave can be any enclosed space within Mother Earth, it actually implies something more subtle: a cavity in which a tone may be captured. By this we mean a dimensional space that aligns with an audio wavelength.

As beings capable of creating a musical note, we can swim within a cenote and discover its frequency purely by humming. This is confirmed by the resonance (read pressure) of the air around our ears. While it may appear subjective upon first reading, there is no mistaking it in practice The name Delphi comes from the same root as δελφύς meaning “womb”.

So in the Greek tradition a Pythia could use a natural temple like Mt Parnassus as a knowledge centre. The cave within would create a natural standing wave in the shape of a python that the oracle could align with. So this Apollonian “umbilical cord” in the resonant waters of Delphi writhed with renewed wisdom even as the Giza temples dried up. This sacred womb was a temenos, a Greek word meaning a separate enclosure that makes it possible to enter into a greater reality. Here we move from chronos (human time) to kairos (eternity). Even the word human comes from humus: the Earth.

Caves resonate at tones that are inaudible. These are Earth’s natural resonances and because they are too deep to detect audibly we feel them in other parts of our body instead. In fact, our chakras resonate with them and this is how wisdom is conveyed.

But how did we work with these invisible sounds? How did we measure the “wave of a cave” especially when we couldn’t hear its natural infrasonic tones? Well, we created a tool to measure infrasound. We called it the Ankh. There were three parts to it: the resonant ring, the matching device and the antenna. These can be seen below:

While the ring and antenna are self explanatory, the matching device is worthy of consideration: it is the horizontal bar which separates the two. Technically it is an “impedance matching device” which effectively reduces the opposition to a flow of energy: in this case it allows the bearer to feel the infrasonic fields with sensitivity. Upon entering a cave, the ring would resonate with the frequency within. Even though we couldn’t hear the cave’s wavelength, we could feel it in our hand: the Ankh oscillated to guide us. Today we remember the crux ansata as the “Key of Life” and it remains a legacy of the Egyptian, Minoan and Mycenaean civilisations.

Through experimentation with sound our ancestors worked out that certain caves provided a much deeper “fall” than other caves; a priestess could attune to a more resonant wisdom when using a certain space. In fact they discovered that caves within mountains worked especially well because the mountain acted as a natural resonator. When it was windy, wind pressure and sheer around the natural landscape acted to literally “move” the mountain. Granite summits were especially prized because of their density and quartz composition. In fact, granite and quartz go hand in hand when we discuss these “sonic temples”.

So this basic acoustic knowledge had the shamans reflecting: instead of holding an Ankh what if we stood inside one? What if we built a GIANT Ankh that was sympathetic with the Earth’s natural wavelength? Instead of holding an Ankh, why not climb inside a much bigger one? Today we call them darkness retreats.

Sacred mountain

So that it what we did. We made THOUSANDS of these hermitages and they all had a resonant ring, a matching device plus antennas. They can be witnessed all over Europe and the Americas, just like the one above near Mezek. Incorrectly labelled as “tombs” nowadays, their true purpose remains disguised. Once upon a time though, we could lie down beneath these vaulted ceilings and align with infinite wisdom. Let’s take a closer look at the theory. Here is the design of an Ankh or LC circuit:


An inductor-capacity circuit (LC circuit) is an electric circuit composed of inductors and capacitors.  The circuit can act as an electrical resonator or tuning fork storing energy oscillating at the circuit’s resonant frequency. Quartz LC circuits are used either for generating signals at a particular frequency, or picking out a signal from a more complex pattern. They are key components in many electronic devices particularly radio equipment. Today we use quartz in circuits such as oscillators, filters, tuners and frequency mixers. The purpose of an LC circuit is to oscillate with minimal damping so the resistance is made as low as possible. Here’s a look at some modern ones:


While you may recognise these from your radio, back in the day we placed a human at the centre and used granite to act as antennas. In fact, the entrance was between the antennas. The denser the quartz stone the better because the wavelength it captured was longer, closer to the Schumann resonances and this is key—a harmonic of the Royal Cubit. Here’s a look at the same design writ large:

LC circuit

In modern parlance we might say that this is a domed, volumetric infrasound receiver. La = wavelength in the air, Lg = wavelength in the ground and n = integer. What did the secondary resonator (above) look like? Well, it looked like a sarcophagus:


Instead of a “burial tool” it was actually a “resonating womb” that renewed and aligned us with the sound of the Earth. Priestesses sang within the crystalline rock and connected with realms that today we can only dream about. And this process was like a baby in the womb; we were children in the navel of Mother Earth. Like a pregnant woman’s belly, we resonated inside a cave beneath a mountain. Here our pineal glands produced endogenous DMT.

So the humble Ankh was an LC circuit that we used to detect infrasound—we used quartz to GIVE and RECEIVE knowledge but also to HEAL. We even built one sonic temple to end them all: the Great Pyramid. Here we used the same building blocks as the sound temples all over the world. Below is a cross section of the granite antennas used worldwide:


So what happened around the world for thousands of years?  We found sacred caves we wanted to use that exhibited infrasonic harmonics. We built secret chambers beneath hills that aligned with the natural frequency of the Earth; special sonic temples that had water in them. When we lacked a mountain on a resonant vortex we just built one instead (the pyramids). Using the holiest of infrasound rites we used the special natures of salt water and granite to build “transporter rooms” that sent us to the stars.


So this design of the circular chamber wedded to granite antennas influenced our collective unconscious for thousands of years—right up to the starships of modern science fiction. On some level we know we are from the stars; only now we are re-membering.


In truth we must reclaim our birthright: by connecting with ourselves, Mother Earth, the Moon, the Sun and beyond we eventually become the cosmos. For resonance remains the secret to dimensional travel.

The darkness retreat then, offers the initiate the experience of clear light. Clear light refers to abiding in an open, non-dual awareness beyond any distinction between self and object. It is beyond experience and experiencer, beyond thinking and not thinking, beyond subject and object.

Visita Interiora Terræ Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem