Mundane spirits

When you look at a quasar or a galaxy, you are seeing an inverted octahedron with light streaming out the centre. What is across the void? The duat, or dual world.

While most of us only resonate here when we go through transition, if you enter a singularity with the right preparation it means that you become one with God. The “i” becomes an “I” and the heavens and eternity open up sympathetically.

The divinity of creation reveals itself and the universe is displayed in all its harmony and glory. Sitting on Earth and looking to the sky for signs of life is more than just bad science—it’s bad spirit. One day, humanity will merge these extremes but until then the pyramids will mock us.


To conclude, if a civilisation wishes to see the universe they have to build a pyramid somewhere. How else can you experience the divine and know God’s will? All of Earth’s great cultures built them, and there has always been dimensional awareness between Earth and the stars.