The sacred stone

Pink granite was revered by the Egyptians.

Granite comes from the Latin granum, or “grain” in reference to the coarse structure of this crystalline rock. Granite consists mainly of quartz, feldspar and mica which form an interlocking matrix. This stone is hard enough to resist abrasion, strong enough to withstand pressure and inert enough to endure weathering. Granite lasts “forever”.

But none of this tells us WHY the Egyptians coveted rose granite and shipped it nearly a thousand kilometres down the Nile—from the Aswan quarries to the Giza pyramids. Indeed, it appeared everywhere in this ancient culture from vases to statues, temples to tombs and obelisks to capstones.

Rose granite is sacred because of the way it makes us feel. This requires some sensitivity, but the truth is that it resonates with the infinite peace of heavenly bliss. This is why the Nile remains a sacred river—it flows over rose granite in the south. In fact, Aswan granite has high paramagnetic resonance that still embodies lunar power.

Indeed, the ruling body of granite is the Moon, which symbolises our intuitive, emotional and nurturing natures. Rose granite assists in dreamwork by promoting a deep connection with our subconscious awareness. It also enhances dream recall as the stone of Libra with wonderful healing properties.

The Moon is also made of granite. By entering a temple made with this stone, we can resonate naturally with the divine frequency of salvation. This is why the King’s Chamber was made of rose granite instead of more convenient stones. Today, we can still feel the healing power of pink granite when we visit crystal coasts like Freycinet:

Above: the crescent of Wineglass Bay before the cone of Mt Dove

We’re all familiar with cell towers. Obelisks were similar in that they transmitted peace to the temples behind them. Those inside these retreats could feel their resonance and therefore these gigantic tuning forks were exclusively made from Aswan rose granite. Egypt then, was a playful culture that danced to the pulse of this sacred stone.

So when charged by the Sun, these lunar obelisks acted like acupuncture needles that activated Earth’s charka system along the Nile. As artificial resonators, they spread infinite peace in the same way as other natural crystal mountains including Enchanted Rock, Corcovado and the Hazards. The Sun then, opens the “lunar lotus” hidden within the rock.

So how are our souls purified? Well, electromagnetic (EM) waves are formed when an electric field comes in contact with a magnetic field. The electric field and magnetic field are perpendicular to one other. They are also at right angles to the travelling direction of the EM wave. Rose granite then, is sympathetic to these EM waves because quartz (within the granite) exhibits birefringence.

This double refraction is echoed and reflected in plasma waves, or the fractal aether. These melodies and motifs harmonise with those of sound and light and are found in the body as “bioplasmas”. These mercurial fluids surround all living beings and can be of varying viscosities and densities. So the human biofield (soul) is sympathetic to this aether that animates the body and is reflected in the Mandelbrot set.

A wave’s length is its spacial period: the distance over which its shape repeats. It is measured by finding the corresponding points of the same phase (such as crests or troughs). Wavelength is designated by the Greek letter lambda (λ). The figure below shows three standing waves within a room. The distance between the walls of the chamber determine which wavelengths are possible. In this case, we are interested in the standing green wave below (the figure eight) that corresponds to harmonic celestial frequencies:


An overtone is any frequency that is greater than the fundamental frequency of a note. Using the model of Fourier analysis, these overtones are called partials. The study of harmonics, or more precisely harmonic partials, are waves whose frequencies are integer multiples of the fundamental. So in our solar system, the Sun provides the base electrical frequency that our temples can resonate in sympathy with.

We must remember however that A on the 440 Hz western musical scale is different from the frequency the ancients used: unearthed Egyptian instruments were instead tuned to 432 Hz. The Greeks followed on from this. Guiseppe Verdi, an Italian composer, also found A4 at 432 Hz. This is important when we try to discover the other tones at which the “King’s Chamber” sings.

Above: this pink granite chamber has the same ratios as the vesica pisces

Granite holds the sacred resonance that allows us to celebrate duality as nonduality or the anima as the anima mundi. The pyramid vibrates in sympathy with lunar and solar infrasonic frequencies. So the chamber is really a crystal oscillator capable of tuning our Möbius strip:

Above: the holy power of the vagus nerve

Crystals are fossilised water, formed when water combines with an element under pressure, temperature and energy fluctuations. As a crystal, SiO2 is able to express itself in a more unified and ordered way. Silica sand, when combined with water, becomes quartz crystal which can amplify, transform and transfer energy. We see the results in microphones, radios and timepieces.

When working with crystals in granite mountains, there may be profound effects on our organs, tissues and cells but also in our circulatory, endocrine and metabolic systems. When love/power interacts with large structures, emotions are changed to more harmonic forms which change heart frequencies, showing alterations in consciousness. Thus, the power of intention combined with the use of crystals can provide remarkable results.

Above: Earth’s consciousness grid aligns with the mouths of the great rivers

Another way to look at the King’s Chamber is as a giant singing bowl. Crystal vessels are made from crushed quartz and emit a powerful, pure tone. The larger bowls are more resonant, with the tone lingering due to their size. The sound we hear has sacred overtones that are capable of resonating the human soul into a state of harmony.

So rose granite produces “coherence”. The fractal aether of the soul and the crystals in granite both have double refractive patterns. Therefore when the power of the Sun charges them, the lunar granite inspires our psyches. When the pyramid’s interior is activated it creates a standing wave within the chamber that invites enlightenment. This whole process is traditionally called the “blossoming of the lotus”.

Why does this work? Because the “life force” is contained in fresh water. The quartz in granite is formed from silica-rich water. The percentage of quartz in granite is similar to the ratio of water in the body. We call rose granite living rock because the minerals that make it up are really a form of “crystallised biology”.

So when the frequencies of the Moon and the Sun dance, the love of the heart and the power of head can be unified by rose granite. This coherence is felt as the “heavenly bliss of divine ecstasy”. The pyramids then, really just need their granite capstones returned to become operational again. In this sense, they were both lenses AND amplifiers—their harmonic resonance could be felt for miles around. The result was a more peaceful society.

One of the celebrated European alchemists, Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus, called aether  “the substance of stars and souls.” So rock and flesh both resonate with this life force contained within solid and liquid water.