In order for life to thrive in the cosmos it must be harmonic with certain universal ratios. These laws have always existed, because while they GOVERN timespace they are NOT A PART OF IT. Life is abundant on Earth because we are aligned with the same cosmic ratios that rule sentience in our solar system, our galaxy and the wider universe.

For a culture to recognise this fundamental fact, it must be harmonic itself. While there are presently no sympathetic civilisations on Earth, there was one in our past: Egypt. And the priests of this land carved pyramids in stone that still carry lessons for us today. Truth has worn many faces through the ages, but it’s time we honoured the one behind them all: Ma’at’s.

The whole of human history is just a series of footnotes to Ma’at. She represents the archetype of cosmic harmony, balance and order—a female principle that once governed a society that had a deep conviction in the harmony of the universe. In fact, during the whole of “western civilisation” we have never mastered the phoenix even though she appears on the Ark of the Covenant.

The wings of truth then, are bestowed upon those who surrender their stubborn egos and open their higher hearts. Ma’at’s arms form the base of the tesseract we call the divine hexagon, the master shape of truth as love.

If we make the Earth’s circumference equal to 1 then the Moon’s can be expressed as:

But what happens if we replace the Earth with the Sun above? In reality this sacred ratio governs the divine relationships of the wider solar system. Please examine the equatorial circumferences in kilometres:

If we work out the satellite-to-parent ratios above they approach 0.2732. Although the numbers above are close, planets are actually geoids (not perfectly round) and the gas giants in particular swell at their equators. But by looking at the cosmos holistically we start to appreciate the meaning of the word “universe”. Why are we specifically interested in circumferences? Because they reflect the wavelengths of spheres: the Moon is vibrating at 27.46 Hz and the Earth at 7.83 Hz. As you can imagine, the Sun resonates at even deeper tones of the infrasonic range.

So Ma’at is a multi-dimensional archetype that shows us the way we are connected to the stars: it also reveals the relationship between moons, planets and suns in harmonic systems. These planetary ratios are in fact harmonising with the profound ratio of 0.2732 that governs our profane cosmos. Indeed, it is the universal harmonic which allows life to blossom—Earth is the only example in our solar system. This ratio is also part of the eternal proportions of sound and light: the sacred vibration of creation. Indeed, Robert Jastrow of the NASA Lunar Exploration Committee once hinted:

The Moon is the Rosetta Stone of the planets.

Ma’at’s knowledge came from a distant culture: a people who truly appreciated our sympathetic universe. Ma’at is also aligned with Horus: the story of suns giving birth to planets and planets giving birth to moons. Indeed, the caducean serpents emerging from the solar disc represent the umbilical cords of creation that give birth to planets. In humans this kundalini energy refreshes the chakra system.

So the next time you see an image of Ma’at know the truth: she is the architect of the universe. As a divine principle she sets the order of the cosmos at every moment of creation. To modern disciplines, Ma’at represents the deepest truth knowable: THE UNIFIED FIELD. The theory of everything means an awareness that encompasses ALL disciplines—not just physics.

So “life” really means consciousness. Our awareness is a harmonic of the Earth’s which is a harmonic of the Sun’s which is a harmonic of the universe’s. Humans are exactly like living fractals whose consciousness embodies the geometry of the cosmos. All of our light and all of our darkness is bound within our psyches—as is the universe’s.

The way is within us, but not in gods, nor in teachings, nor in laws. Within us is the way, the truth, and the life.
—Carl Jung