We live on a planet that revolves around a star every 365.25 days. So time is really a ratio of spin. We could have measured time in linear format, but due to the movement of the planets we interpret time as cyclical.

As Earth moves through space she is aware of her own cycles. Like a female she has periods which occur at regular intervals. But they do involve drama and change. Indeed, the “most lived” of all periods is the female cycle. A woman lives it each month. More than anything else, this cycle is her inner clock. In fact primeval man first experienced time through the female cycle. So the primal meter comes from the Greek metra meaning uterus. It was the measure and there was no other one; no plural.

All words expressing measure come from this one: menstruation, dimension, metre, diameter, perimeter and so on. By coming forth from the uterus, man emerges from measure to become mater-ial. So Earth’s period is really a transition, with storms, earthquakes and volcanoes singing out years in advance to herald it. Whales will continue to beach in ever-increasing frequency and species worldwide will face extinction. Every aspect of Earth’s energy and form will evolve. Knowledge, thought, understanding and perception will continue to radically elevate during this process.

Aquarius is the 11th house, but its title really means “life bearer”. The cosmic birth canal is opening, and we will begin a new cycle.