Dimensions are challenging for our minds to deal with.

We struggle because we can’t process “space” which seems impossible to our sensibilities. Dimension actually means the ability to twist—how many different planes you can move in. In other words, how many ways you can rotate. 90 degrees reflects the evolutionary leap between dimensions as harmonically sequenced by the full notes in the octave.

One-dimensional means something that can move in one direction only. The second dimension means you can move in two directions, at right angles. Forwards and sideways, which is really the x and y axes. This ability allows you to move to any absolute “flat” coordinate desired. The third dimension gives you an additional plane of rotation, 90 degrees from the first two. It gives you height, or the z axis.

Time is also referred to as a dimension. However time is just a measure of the present. When we observe a clock ticking, we have created an artificial measure of the “alwaysness” that our consciousness resides in. In truth there is only one reality and although implied it spawns the twins of space and time. So space and time are the RESULTS of this implied field that we sometimes call divinity.

Sentient beings have hearts and brains that imply this structure. Spirit acts on our biology to allow us to be “conscious” by animating our key organs with this energy field.

On the periodic table, oxygen is the 8th element and can be drawn like this:

Our respiratory systems process this element which aligns with the virbatory structures above. Really, these patterns govern light and the key elements that life uses to harmonically build structures.