Earth’s birthday

What happened on Earth’s birthday many cycles ago? She went from being a torus to a sphere; from a star to a planet. The image below is the geometry that governs solar and planetary formation. This is found in many solar systems in the universe. At the equator we have Earth’s vagina: Lake Victoria. This is where the Moon emerged from the Earth deep in our prehistory.

As Earth formed she threw out vast amounts of energy which became matter. Some of this was expelled beyond her torroidal boundaries and separated to become a moon. In other words, our moon came directly from the Earth as she cooled to form a planet.

We referred earlier to the cosmic birth canal opening on this date. What this means is that Earth’s navel (Giza) will receive energy directly from the Sun and Sirius, but also from the centre of the galaxy. As Earth’s belly button, Giza is also the centre of the Earth’s four equal land quadrants.

The solstices mark the points of greatest imbalance in energy received by the different hemispheres. In the northern hemisphere, the tips of the pyramids show the way to her northern vortex not far away. Local time in the desert at the winter solstice is always 1:11pm. While the southern hemisphere receives the maximum amount of sunlight at this moment, the time at Mururoa is exactly 1:11am.

This is the exact moment when consciousness was breathed into her all those millennia ago. And what happens on her birthday? The elliptical galactic light, or the Fibonacci spirals traveling from the centre of the galaxy are breathed down Earth’s umbilical cord.