The number of love

The Egyptians knew the secrets of eternal life.

This was because they saw no difference between the internal and external worlds: the microcosmos and macrocosmos. God then, was mathematically implied using the stereographic projection that allowed alchemists to move between dimensions.

Like all other initiatic cultures, Egypt held that our purpose on Earth was to return to Source but they recognised two complimentary paths. The first was the way of Osiris (who represented the natural cycles of death and rebirth) and the other was the way of Horus (the pathway of ascension). For those who organically completed many lifetimes, the Way of the Shemsu Hor, or the “Companions of Horus” was one such choice.

In today’s world the best way to ascend is 5-MeO-DMT. You may notice the number “5” at the start which denotes the extra atoms. As the initiate completes more and more ceremonies, the invitation to ascend becomes more and more insistent. In the geometrical realm of spirit, this is a reference to the pentagon and its life-giving aspects:

For psychonauts willing to explore the heart of the universe, then the image below may hint at what lies ahead:

This pentagon hints at the dodecahedron, which remains the master 3D shape of LIFE. For alchemists trying to find the Elixir of Eternal Life this shape reveals the required geometry. This religious, biological and chemical terrain has always been the territory of the Nazarene.