Are you prepared to harmonise the forces within you?

Achieving this may invite your conscious rebirth. But the current disrespect we are showing for the planet is just a result of the internal battle we reserve for ourselves—we must all find a better perspective to save our world.


Connection with the holy chord of life

Place in the natural world

Ancient wisdom




Happily, some people on Earth are moving rapidly towards a harmonic awareness. When we understand duality as non-duality we will come to understand ourselves. To hasten the arrival of the next age, we must travel the perennial cosmic spirals that hint at the future.

Humans are unique in that we are connected to both our reptilian genetics and our emerging spiritual selves. Often our actions are governed by who gets to the controls first. Adepts among us know that the energy field of love which surrounds our own bodies is a microcosm of the larger field that governs the universe—this is the spiralled path home.

My deepest wish is that you ACT on this material. Meditating regularly helps calm the “monkey mind” and aligns us with infinity. Teachers like Ayahuascamushrooms and the toad can assist but so can meditation, mantras and breathing. We all have a part to play and in deepening the love vibration of this beautiful planet we live on.

Despite humanity’s technical proficiency with computers and bioengineering we still do not understand time or life in the cosmos. Our science celebrates division where everywhere there is unity. The larger part of humanity is pathological (because it views consciousness as a cerebral function) and therefore only has a few generations left. To survive and prosper, then, we need to evolve. The new genus emerging now is called Homo spiritus. This new species is so named because of its awareness of the universal field. This deeper wisdom means that we will no longer be directed by our egos but instead by the love in our hearts.

Homo sapien must wither in order for the Earth to thrive. For the sake of all species on this planet we must encourage Homo spiritus to sprout from the roots:


Esoterism can be neither written nor spoken and hence cannot be betrayed. One must be prepared to grasp it, to see it, to hear it. This preparation is not a knowing but a being-able, and can ultimately be acquired only through the effort of the individual himself, by a struggle against all obstacles and a victory over the human-animal nature.

There is a sacred science and for thousands of years countless inquisitive people have sought in vain to penetrate its ‘secrets.’ It is as if they attempted to dig a hole in the sea with an axe. The tool must be of the same nature as the objective to be worked upon. Spirit is found only with spirit and esoterism is the spiritual aspect of the world, inaccessible to cerebral intelligence.

Those who profess to reveal the esoterism of such teachings are chalatans. They may try to explain the implications of a certain word or formula as with a conventional secret, but with regards to sacred science, they will never be able to do more than put one word in place of another and at best this will be bad literature replacing a simple idea.

The true initiate can guide a gifted pupil and help him to travel more quickly along the path to consciousness and the pupil, upon reaching the stage of illumination by his own inner light will read the esoterism of such teaching directly. No one can do it for him.

—R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz