As creation sounds, the central lens of the Sri Yantra appears:

This Holy Trinity suggests that our lower impulses of thought, emotion and instinct can be transmuted into the higher elements of reason, faith and trust. Once upon a time, the Ennead was used to reflect these archetypal forces of creation, all of which were seen in nature and applied to human affairs. This invited alchemists to recognise our nine-fold nature based on the human anatomy of the brain, heart and gut:

Rational Man

Romantic Man

Responsive Man

Above: can you see three interlocking equilateral triangles?

Any potential for transformation occurs through awareness. When reading through each of the Nine, be honest, open and aware. Which do you still need to identify, accept and resolve? The awareness that all Nine exist within you, to be used at any time, means that you become a fully responsible co-creator, on Earth, now. At their height, this is how the Egyptians lived, creating an awakened civilisation from the basis of the 9/3 enneagram:

One day soon, you will use all of the Nine to regain consciousness. This is also how we are designed to operate: as a co-creative part of life here on Earth, understanding that we are each composed of the Nine. You come to “know thyself” by experiencing and becoming the Nine in physical form, with this journey leading into every facet of human and divine awareness so that you may activate your Merkaba.

Above: can you see nine irregular pentagons within?

Another word for this subtle energy is bioplasma. Bioplasma is a diffuse magnetic fluid which surrounds all living beings. Like a liquid, it can be made up of varying viscosities and densities. So this field not only surrounds humans, but also the planet. The energy of the Nine then, includes the electromagnetic field as a facsimile of the spiritual dimensions.

This realisation of deeper layers of divinity was the basis of Egyptian civilisation at its height. This alchemy of life harmonised the rational, emotional and physical bodies to allow the full immersion of life into physicality. Below, we notice how the enneagram joins the nose, the sacred organ responsible for the breath of life:

Buddha’s revelations occurred beneath a fig tree—the Bodhi. In religious iconography, this tree is recognisable by its heart-shaped leaves which are prominently displayed. So this “tree of awakening” played a key role in the peace of Buddha. This was the state of bliss that blossomed from within due to conscious breathing.

Figs have a rejuvenating effect on the body and combat the aging process because they are rich in flavonoids, polyphenols and anthocyanins. These are also known for their powerful antioxidant effects in neutralising free radicals. Regular consumption improves memory, relieves sleep disorders and works wonders for anemia. Figs are also a strong immune stimulant and have been a favourite of doctors since at least 10,000 BCE.

These aphrodisiacs are also rich in copper and vitamin B6. Copper is a vital mineral that’s involved in energy production as well as the formation of blood cells, connective tissues and neurotransmitters. Figs also improve blood pressure and blood fat levels, which can help boost vascular health and decrease the risk of heart disease. As a “superfood” they have the highest mineral and fibre content of ALL common fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Figs are also symbolic of rebirth but more specifically the human uterus. In ancient Egypt, Ficus sycomorus was associated with the goddess Hathor whose face resembled a womb. The fig was also portrayed as the Egyptian Tree of Life and its timbers richly adorned the tombs of the pharaohs. Later, the fig was reborn in the Middle East within the hamsa—a symbol of the diaphragm that promoted the arrival of spirit within the body:

Figs are technically not fruit—they are actually inverted flowers. So fig trees don’t bloom like apple trees because they flower inside the pod which later matures. The result is a hard fruit called achene―which gives the fig the “crunch” we love. Certain types of fig are different sexes and require a special wasp to pollinate the females.

Spiritual Man

Here we return to our triangles and add a final one. This is the Mer-Ka-Ba of the ancient Egyptians. This 9 + 3 format implies a 12 pointed star, referred to as a dodecagram. (This is a 2D representation of a 3D polyhedron: the dodecahedron.) In this case the dodecagram has 12 vertices and can be drawn as FOUR interlocking equilateral triangles:

So the 12/4 dodecagram is really like a rotating triangle. It indicates the complete energy system of the human body and the cosmos that we call creation. Simply put, this brings forth our connection to the universe—the premise that all living beings are fractals of the whole, implied by the 33 balls of the figurate number we call the centred dodecahedron:

The microcosm and macrocosm refer to a vision of the universe where the part reflects the whole and vice versa. It is a form of recursion that is present in many esoteric models of philosophy. Born in Egypt, this heka was not lost on Pythagoras, who saw the cosmos and the body as a harmonious unity. This idea of “as above, so below” was revived about a century later by Plato and again during the Renaissance by Da Vinci. It also implies something else—the birth of polarity (the hexagonal serpents) as the circle and square:

This shape above can be expanded below with a larger circle and square. The secret here is their FRACTAL nature, meaning that they are self-similar courtesy of the dodecagram. Here we see the anima and the anima mundi, or the soul and the world soul as geometrically sympathetic:

Now we are reminded of what lies within. In the case, it is the minimum combination that can produce the fractal nature of life. Below, the rotating triangle grants the harmonic circle and square. This results in the yantra we call the Philosopher’s Stone:

This is the ROYAL CANON. The 12-petalled flower encourages us to integrate the various dimensions of the human psyche as discussed above. Indeed, this blooming lotus brings forth our connection to the cosmos—the revelation of the universal heart.

When sunlight caresses the psyche, the lunar lotus stirs.
—Richard Donald