Crystal hearts

The language of alchemy is symbolism.

The esoteric wisdom of the universe can only be uncovered by working with it. Here we see the Veil of Isis at work. Once known as a Magician, her transformative power eclipsed that of all the other deities. The unconditional love of the Madonna then, was the goal of the Great Work in the Hermetic tradition. Geometrically, our heart could be described as a centred figurate number:

In the Anahata above, we have 37 dots in the hexagon and 73 in the hexagram. Both numbers have extraordinary properties, but as reversible primes they are really mirror images of each other. Because 37 is a centred hexagonal number AND a star number, it is the seal between worlds. In other words, because it appears in both nested sequences, it allows love to manifest simultaneously in timespace—the figure is at once a hexagon and a hexagram. Here we are reminded of a quote by Thoth:

As above, so below,
As within, so without,
As the universe, so the soul.

The Egyptian word Ab refers to the heart. The Ab is the seat of the still, small voice within—our conscience. As we become more loving we start to give freely and generously with kindness and compassion. After healing the Ab it becomes light as a feather and is able to merge with our spirit, or Ka.

The Ka is like a dolphin—free, open and playful. It is the joy felt when our mortal heart merges with our immortal spirit. The Ka is our connection to the absolute or that which never changes. Together, the Ab and the Ka make a foundation to activate, integrate and sustain our divine purpose.

So the union of heart and spirit implies the mirrored primes of 37:73. The blue hexagon (female) and the red hexagram (male) fit together like lovers as the inverse of each other. Love blossoms then, when our hearts and spirits reflect this hyperspatial ratio.

Torsion field physics understands that divinity is beyond the speed of light and is rotated across the dimensions through the fusing of harmonic energy. Higher dimensional realities enter timespace through a “hyperdimensional gate” that creates a spinning field of energy as it moves into the physical.

This gate where the higher dimensions of spirit enter the human person is the heart. Transcendent “divine being” is therefore immanently present within the major chord of this vital organ. Jesus said, “I am the gate”. Divinity can therefore be seen as a dimension in which light, spirit and soul emerge within the brain, heart and gut.

Sadly, the third eye has been increasingly emphasised in the scientific, industrial and information ages to the detriment of our multidimensional unity. While this human rationality has led to progress in empirical knowledge and data, it has also made fear-based consciousness more dangerous. We see this in wars, poverty and ecological harm. This scarcity awareness has led to more greed, disease and starvation for a majority of humans on this planet.

The solution is to focus the other two eyes within the human body in a way that brings in the heart and gut. When we balance all three, then the authentic truth, beauty and power to freely create in infinite ways is all the motivation for service we should ever need.