Sacred geometry is the language of love.

Once upon a time these mystical patterns were revered in music, astronomy and architecture. As an ancient path it still has value today because of the way its perennial patterns guide us from within. The geometry of love then, is implied within the hexagram.

The field that governs the universe is infinite and nameless. The second we call it something (like God) we limit it. How do we reduce universal love to the human domain? This is the reason why this blog has no name or profile. A path that dies in the trees at night is found again only when you realise that you are the forest.

Thousands of years ago Earth had a harmonic culture that did not polarise the fields of endeavour. In fact, the minute that our fields are split then it is impossible to arrive at the truth. If science and spirituality are at war and mathematics and art are divorced then we are cast adrift. As long as western civilisation keeps endorsing solar (male) knowledge at the expense of lunar (female) wisdom then we can never be whole.

So this blog offers a moonlit path to the truth through an order of timespace priests that shall remain nameless. Contained within is the secret of our connection to the universe; a spiralled road that has rarely been travelled in this heavenly cycle. Do not be alarmed as I lead you into darkness—in the morning we will come to the Temple of the Rising Sun.

The alchemists knew that the secret of the universe could be written on a single stone. When the fields were united then we could take our place among the stars and join the rhythm of a sympathetic universe. Schwaller de Lubicz suggested that mankind had fallen asleep since ancient Egypt—sacred science and the inner journey had been eschewed for the exterior cul-de-sac of rationalism. Today, our technology has surpassed our humanity—we have become an enemy of the natural world. As Albert Einstein put it:

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Einstein was a profound man. He knew that revering science was a mad as worshipping religion. The only path is the middle way, the journey that honours both. The heart then, is the only place where this balance can be achieved. Egypt left a legacy that spoke to this harmony. The only way to enlightenment then, is to identify and resolve these polarities within yourself. Illumination then, is literally magic—a summons to our innate capacity to respond to harmony.

If you made it through to this point, congratulations, the information was designed for those with profound awareness. Before you align with the universe you must know yourself. All material on this site (unless otherwise noted) is available under the Creative Commons BY-NC license here. As you explore perhaps you will come to see that faith and fact are friends after all.

Ad maiora nati sumus!