Spiro ergo prospero

The secret to enlightenment lies in your belly:

In the human body, this shape is reflected in the sacrum. This “holy bone” is like a rearing cobra with a flared hood. In ancient Egypt, the snake conveyed royalty, immortality and divinity and was called the Uraeus. As a symbol of mysticism and medicine cobras represented life itself—the magical umbilical cord joining humans to the planet.

As the tip of the divine sword, the triangular sacrum is buried deep within our bellies.  Once upon a time, this Winged Disc appeared everywhere in Egyptian temples as the root chakra of creation between the wings of the pelvis. This design originated as the Philosopher’s Stone:

Snakes inhale through their nostrils. Unlike humans and other mammals, cobras don’t possess a diaphragm to assist with their breathing. Instead, they use their ribs. A small piece of cartilage inside the glottis vibrates when the snake forcefully breathes out, and this is the characteristic “hiss” that most people associate with them.

Diaphragmatic breathing in humans encourages a full gas exchange—the beneficial trade of incoming oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide. Not surprisingly, this belly breathing slows the heartbeat and lowers blood pressure. This process also activates the vagus nerve, which is part of the parasympathetic nervous system. This leads to less mental chatter and more sublime states.

Above: Akhenaten’s belly is prominently displayed

In ancient Egypt, the Uraeus was a symbol for the goddess Wadjet. She was one of the earliest deities and was depicted as a cobra. The pharaohs wore the Uraeus as a head ornament—either atop the brow or as a circular crown. Elsewhere, the cobra appears not just at the centre of the human body but also above us on the celestial equator.

Truth hints at nonduality—the belief that there is just one eternal Source in existence and that everything in the fractal universe is an inseparable part of it. In mathematics, “fractal” is a term used to describe geometric shapes containing detailed structure at arbitrarily small scales, usually having a fractal dimension strictly exceeding the topological dimension. This is the universal Self-similar kernel that looks like a rearing serpent:

What colour is the universe? Well, infrared  is “invisible light” that makes up most of the energy hitting Earth’s surface. This electromagnetic radiation has a longer wavelength than visible light and therefore doesn’t activate the photoreceptors in our eyes. If infra means “below,” we might say that the feminine and masculine snakes are the energy and momentum aspects of the cosmic infrared background made up of waves and particles.

Above: the centre inverted triangle is red

As creation is sounded, the Sri Yantra pattern appears. This “Yantra of Creation” blossoms as the first sound is intoned. The word yantra means “geometric mantra” and is sometimes known as a power diagram. At the centre is the bindu or “dot” which in mathematics is thought of as an alpha or “unit” that makes up figurate numbers. The Egyptians drew it like this:

Why is the Sri Yantra made up of triangles? In geometry, a simplex is the notion of a triangle or tetrahedron in arbitrary dimensions. The simplex is so-named because it represents the simplest possible polytope made with line segments in any given dimension.

The sacral triangle of 231 balls above can be rearranged into an octahedron below:

And the 17-sided heptadecagon. This Petrie polygon for a higher-dimensional regular convex polytope is shown as a skew orthogonal projection:

In other words, the 231 balls can be reorganised as the root, heart and soul star chakras. This is the truth manifested in two, three and four dimensions. Here we see how the lower, middle and higher realms reflect the Holy Trinity as the subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds. In the tarot, this is the Star card of Aquarian power:

Inside a person, this “master switch” is at the base of the spine. Kundalini translates from Sanskrit as “coiled snake” and describes the dormant energy that lies curled at the base of the spine. When this subtle force is activated, we become aware of our divine nature and our connection to the universe. We understand that consciousness is omnipresent as we expand beyond the limits of the mind.

Today, this modality is a tantric tradition used for the purpose of harnessing sexual energy to elevate awareness. It allows energy into the spine, changing the electromagnetic properties of the cerebrospinal fluid. As the nervous system bathes in this magnetised plasma, the brain is transformed and we awaken into a new consciousness.

So by arousing the sacrum with the Cobra Breath, we are starting with a triangle and then morphing this shape into the octahedron and the heptadecagon—we are merging sexuality with spirituality to access the heavenly realms via the “infinity breath”.

I breathe therefore I prosper.