Spiro ergo prospero

The secret to enlightenment lies in your belly:

The sacrum resembles a rearing cobra with a flared hood. This “holy bone” rises between the wings of the pelvis. In Egypt, the snake conveyed royalty, immortality and divinity and was called the Uraeus. As a medical symbol, cobras represented life itself—the magical umbilical cord uniting the mundane with the mystical.

The eight holes in the triangular sacrum are called the sacral foramina. They provide an opening for the sacral nerves and blood vessels to pass through the bone. These are arranged in two vertical lines. In other words, a bit like an eight (8) and an eleven (11) expressed in terms of each other. Combined, they signify magick, or the “creative force” of the universe that the ancient Egyptians called heka.

Diaphragmatic breathing in humans encourages a full gas exchange—the beneficial trade of incoming oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide. Not surprisingly, this belly breathing slows the heartbeat and lowers blood pressure. This process also activates the vagus nerve, which is part of the parasympathetic nervous system. This leads to less mental chatter and more sublime states.

Above: Akhenaten’s belly is prominently displayed

Truth hints at nonduality—the belief that there is just one eternal Source in existence and that everything in the fractal universe is an inseparable part of it. In mathematics, “fractal” is a term used to describe geometric shapes containing detailed structure at arbitrarily small scales, usually having a fractal dimension strictly exceeding the topological dimension. This is the universal Self-similar kernel that looks like a rearing serpent:

What colour is the universe? Well, infrared  is “invisible light” that makes up most of the energy hitting Earth’s surface. This electromagnetic radiation has a longer wavelength than visible light and therefore doesn’t activate the photoreceptors in our eyes. If infra means “below,” we might say that the feminine and masculine snakes are the energy and momentum aspects of the cosmic infrared background made up of waves and particles.

Above: the design above hints at the triangle, octahedron and tesseract

As creation is sounded, the Sri Yantra pattern appears. This “Yantra of Creation” blossoms as the first sound is intoned. The word yantra means “geometric mantra” and is sometimes known as a power diagram. At the centre is the bindu or “dot” which in maths is the alpha or “unit” that makes up figurate numbers. The Egyptians drew it like this:

A figurate number can be formed by arranging dots in a 2D pattern like a triangle.  Taking this a step further, we can play around with 3D and 4D shapes that have the same number of units. A good place to start is 8 + 11 or the number 19, otherwise known as the Alpha and Omega:

In geometry, a simplex is so-named because it represents the simplest possible  polytope made from line segments in any given dimension. This is the triangle behind the concept of the Holy Trinitythe fundamental shape that inspires our world. So the centred triangle of 19 balls above (the sacrum) can be rearranged into the octahedron below (the heart):

And the hypercube, also known as a tesseract. This is a 4D analogue of a cube—the tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square. In geometry, the rectified tesseract is bounded by 24 cells, 8 cuboctahedra and 16 tetrahedra. This uniform 4-polytope can be constructed from the tesseract by truncating its vertices at the midpoints of its edges:

Above: a Schlegel diagram centred on the cuboctahedron with tetrahedral cells

This is the eighth chakra or the Soul Star  which can be seen below as an orthographic projection. This “seat of the soul” is the catalyst for deepening our relationship with the universe. Once this chakra is awakened, we experience a more coherent life:

So the 19 balls can be reorganised in two, three and four dimensions or the first, fourth and eighth chakras. This is how the lower, middle and higher realms imply the Holy Trinity of our subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds. This is geometry as biology as psychology that we sometimes call mythology. Here we are reminded that there are 19 uniform honeycombs from the C₄ tesseractic honeycomb in 4D and 19 uniform polytopes with A₅ simplex symmetry in 5D.

So the pyramids are really 3D reflections of 4D polytopes. They were designed like subwoofers to broadcast a frequency that could only be felt (and not heard). If you’ve ever been in a crystal shop, quartz is designed to create coherence in the human body. Egypt then, was a harmonic civilisation that understood how to “tune” their population to the sound of creation, much like bees in a hive.

Inside a person, the”master switch” of consciousness is at the base of the spine. Kundalini translates from Sanskrit as “coiled snake” and describes the dormant energy that lies curled in the belly. When this subtle force is activated, we become aware of our divine nature and our connection to the universe. We understand that consciousness is omnipresent as we expand beyond our physical limits:

So by arousing the sacrum with tantric breathing, we are starting with a triangle and then morphing this shape into the octahedron and tesseract—using this heka we are merging sexuality, Kundalini and prana to awaken the Soul Star:

I breathe therefore I prosper.