The Eye of Ma’at

In order for life to thrive in the cosmos it must be harmonic with certain universal ratios. These laws have always existed, because while they GOVERN timespace they are NOT A PART OF IT. Life is abundant on Earth because we are aligned with the same cosmic ratios that rule sentience in our solar system, our galaxy and the wider universe.

For a culture to recognise this fundamental fact, it must be harmonic itself. While there are presently no sympathetic civilisations on Earth, there was one in our past: Egypt. And the priests of this land carved sacred secrets in stone that still carry lessons for us today. Truth has worn many faces through the ages, but it’s time we honoured the one behind them all: Maat’s.

The whole of human history is just a series of footnotes to Maat. The Eye of Maat represents the archetype of cosmic harmony, balance and order—a female principle that once governed a society that had a deep conviction in the harmony of the universe.

This diagram is so sacred that we’ve only seen poor attempts at it historically. In fact, during the whole of “western civilisation” we have never mastered the phoenix even though she appears on the Ark of the Covenant. Here is The Eye of Maat for the benefit of your deeper awareness:

If it’s the question that enlightens, perhaps these prompts will get you started:

Maat appears to have shed her wings—but has she really? What is the connection between feathers and infrasound? Can you see the central eye? The vagina? Did you notice what her fingers and thumbs are indicating? Can you see her wrist and shoulder bands? How is her perineum shown? Where are her legs pointing? Why is she kneeling and not standing?

Maat prays with her arms raised in supplication:

Come Inside Me Lord With A Cry Of Love!

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