The vesica piscis

This is the vesica piscis:


It translates from Latin as “fish bladder” and describes two equal circles passing through each other’s centers. Our world is made up of many of these feminine conjunctions.

The vesica pisces has special dimensions. Examining the image below, you may notice that two squares (with sides of one) can be drawn from the two circles. The secret ratios that follow (in red) can been seen inside many dark retreats including the Great Pyramid.

In Genesis God said, “Let there be light.” This was a movement from unmanifest unconsciousness to manifest consciousness that was achieved by duplicating the circle:

In the figure above, CE = Φ and EF = Φ-1. Embodying the divine feminine, Isis makes a pattern that is not a circle but still uses π. This is the fish—a symbol of life:

Since human conception is based on this pattern, this shape is formed at the moment two pronuclei come together. It is the base pattern of consciousness. This symbol really represents the beginning of the binary sequence which begins:


Humans begin as a single cell and replicate from there. It takes precisely 33 mitotic divisions to arrive at our total cell count. The spine has 33 vertebrae. The mitotic process has a strong connection to light. It is no small coincidence that when humans wished to create a synthetic consciousness (computers) we chose the binary sequence.

The human DNA molecule has a measurement of 34 angstroms long by 21 angstroms wide for each full cycle of its double-helix spiral. These dimensions are fibonacci ratios. So the human body actually has two sequences within it in order to form: the binary and the Fibonacci. We can also see how the radius of the circle gives birth to sexagons:

This geometry really implies the goddess Isis, or the divine feminine.