The Great Work

The language of alchemy is symbolism.

This means that its true meaning is always hidden and can only be uncovered by working with it. Here we can see the veil of Isis at work. In the ancient mystery tradition, she embodies the language of nature. Enlightenment then, is called The Great Work in the Hermetic tradition which is the middle path that all initiates must tread.

Love is the embodiment of balance. The heart chakra is the place where we experience love and it remains the raison d’être for the universe itself. The subjective “feeling” of love actually combines the vision of the mind with the instinct of the loins.

Love also explains the passion of Seshat and Thoth. Seshat marks time and Thoth measures space. These two gods are really reflections of each other because together they embody the ratios of timespace. So the geometry of Seshat has 7 circles that form a hexagon:

And the geometry of Thoth has 13 circles that form a hexagram:

Another way to express our 7:13 ratio looks like this:

Next, we can enlarge the pattern while we maintain these ratios:

In the star above, we have 37 dots in the hexagon and 73 in the hexagram. Both these numbers have extraordinary properties, but as reversible primes they are mirror images of each other. This means that they echo the alchemic phrase of Hermes Trismegistus:

As above, so below, as within, so without

The hexagon and hexagram represent the geometry of love and this is the fundamental resonance of the universe. Taking one final step, we are reminded of the secret ratio that binds these mirrored primes:

51 refers to the quintessence. This “ether” is born from the Philosopher’s Stone which prompts the sublimation of being. It means access to eternal life. Seen in a different way, 51 symbolises immanence, or the divine principle manifested in the material world. Love therefore, is the sacred resonance of the cosmos that integrates our higher and lower natures as if they were time and space. Meditating on this image within your heart will take you into the realm of the gods.