The fifth element

The Great Pyramid is a lens.

On one level it was designed as a mercury retort as discussed here. What was not mentioned however, is how this refinery heats the interior to over 815ºC. In other words, how it uses SOUND and LIGHT to give birth to THE FIFTH ELEMENT.  What is clear, however, is that the very geometry of the pyramid itself magnifies its power. The trick lies in coherence, the same resonance stimulated in the human body via The Philosophers Stone.

A wave’s length is its spacial period: the distance over which its shape repeats. It is measured by finding the corresponding points of the same phase (such as crests or troughs). Wavelength is designated by the Greek letter lambda (λ). The figure below shows three standing waves within a room. The distance between the walls of the chamber determine which wavelengths are possible although in this case we are interested in the green one at centre:


Granite has some peculiar properties and when struck it resonates at a tone foreign to the modern musical octave. The Egyptian obsession with granite was related to its density, crystalline and radiative properties. Indeed, granite was the sacred stone with the bioacoustic properties required for initiation: its density supports the transmission of subsonic waveforms. Below you can see how smaller wavelengths relate to larger ones:

WavelengthAn overtone is any frequency that is greater than the fundamental frequency of a note. Using the model of Fourier analysis, the overtones are often called partials. Harmonics, or more precisely harmonic partials, are waves whose frequencies are integer multiples of the fundamental. So in our solar system, the Sun provides the base frequency that our temples can resonate in sympathy with.

We must remember however that A on the 440 Hz western musical scale is different from the frequency the ancients used: unearthed Egyptian instruments were instead tuned to 432 Hz. The Greeks followed on from this. Guiseppe Verdi, an Italian composer, also found A at 432 Hz. This is important when we try to discover the note at which the King’s Chamber resonates.

According to some, music tuned to 432 Hz is softer and brighter giving greater clarity. Many people experience more meditative and relaxing states of body and mind when listening to this music. 432 Hz seems to work with the heart chakra as a “feeling” and therefore implies a beneficial effect on the spiritual development of the listener. Some people claim that the music is warmer due to its longer wavelength.


So the King’s Chamber resonates with Earth’s frequency—F#fits exactly 11 times in this space using the 432 Hz scale. There is also another serpent in this room that connects us with the stars: 20 wavelengths of the Royal Cubit fit perfectly in the length of this 1,049 cm room. The subtlety here is that Earth and Sun wavelengths are intertwined with each other within the same space. So the King’s Chamber is really a crystal oscillator capable of mixing terrestrial sound waves with solar light waves.

Infrasound is “low frequency sound” considered to be beneath the human range of hearing (20 Hz and below). We are surrounded by infrasound every day—it’s emitted by natural sources like the surf, storms, wind itself, our own heartbeat and respiration. The notion that infrasonic frequencies are inaudible is misleading because sounds within this range can be heard if boosted to high volumes.

The pyramid therefore can be viewed as an infrasonic resonator used to focus ultra-long wavelengths. In modern parlance we might say that the great pyramid is a harmonic resonatorIndeed, the pyramid creates an 11:20 ratio (55%) standing wave within the King’s Chamber that is a mixture of terrestrial and stellar harmonic partials. (Curiously, the percentage of quartz in the granite walls is also 55%.) So this wave creates a portal that allows for energy transference from the aether into our world.

581px-Speaker-cross-section.svgAbove: a cross section of the speaker we call the Great Pyramid

Pyramid-shaped structures actually have no fixed resonance and can sing on any frequency of the excitation band. Within the King’s Chamber is a “infrasonic unique double bass reflex loudspeaker enclosure” that looks like the image below. In this design the driver fires over a Helmholtz resonator which then exits through long ports. It hints at former glories within the King’s Chamber: a granite collection tub that resonates sympathetically with aetheric energy.


So infrasound can cause feelings of awe and fear. Since it is not consciously perceived, it can make us feel that supernatural events are taking place. When we discuss ultra-long wavelengths we arrive at the Schumann Resonances. These are made up of several frequencies between 7 and 50 Hertz. These frequencies start at 7.8 Hz and progress upwards in increments of about 5.9 Hz. The larger the circumference of the resonator, the longer the sound wave it produces.

What also makes the King’s Chamber work so well is its confinement: the infrasound waves can pressurise and depressurise the room sufficiently to create the low bass the designers were seeking. In fact, very little energy is required to create a standing infrasonic wave of enormous power if the chamber’s harmonic dimensions are restricted: the room itself gives depth to the bass. If you are unfamiliar with the ratios of The Royal Chamber (below) then perhaps clicking here will remind you of the dimensions of an eye.

If we examine the phrase coherence, what we are really referring to is “sound light”. The King’s Chamber then, was built as an EYE where the standing waves of sound and light give rise to another force: the fifth element. In other words, the pyramid is like an eye that can be opened to release unlimited amounts of the quintessence. Nowhere is this more eloquently phrased than the only message ever discovered on the Great Pyramid:

From masculine force, thundering, granting feminine

Like the Storm God at Teotihuacan, making sound and light coherent gives birth to a hypothetical form of dark energy—a scalar field. Some physicists have proposed this as the fifth force after gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear.

A scalar wave is created by a pair of waves that are out of phase temporally but in phase spatially. They even look different—like an infinitely projected mobius pattern. A scalar wave is also called a “standing wave” or a pattern of moving energy that stays in one place.

One of the celebrated European alchemists, Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus, called this aether element “the substance of stars and souls.” In essence, it is the pure spirit concealed in all things—divinity that manifests in sound and light, time and space.


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